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9/11/12 3:31 P

DVT can be a painful condition that sticks with you. For swelling you can seek out a massage therapist that does Lymphatic Drain massage (I do this to my dad who also has DVT) to help push the fluids.

I would say take the exercise light and don't push too hard. Anything too strenuous can cause pain and swelling as you experienced :) Good luck with the Dr!!

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9/11/12 3:04 P

Atrophied muscles hurt and shake a lot when they are being built back up. Start slow, but keep going. Eventually they will get better.

9/11/12 3:01 P

Ok, I have a call in to my doc and he will call me, his office is an hour away so I don't want to run in if I don't have to. There is a background with this leg, about 2003 after having a laproscopic(sp) surgery to clean up cartilige and so forth after an injury, I ended up with a DVT the entire length of my leg, all cleared up but as discussed with him at my appt with him on the 31st will always have some swelling. But this cramp is crazy!
Another question I have is this, I started weight training and exercising but when I added some lunges(10) each leg my thighs hurt like you would not believe! The day after I was walking and my legs almost gave out on me! Soreness continued for about 5 days.
Gone now but I don't want to even attempt them or squats either,
Other exercises I could maybe do?

Thanks for any help!

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9/11/12 10:11 A

Two Things:

If its sharp and electrifying - that is nerve pain and could easily be linked to your sciatic nerve.

If its dull and achey - thats a muscular pain and could be linked to it being pulled, too tight, a knot, or dehydration.

Definitely check with the doctor - if you get a charlie horse, stand straight and point your toes towards the ceiling. This will stretch the muscle out and relieve the cramp.

(- I'm a medical massage therapist that works in a wellness clinic with a chiropractor. I see a lot of these cases).

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9/11/12 9:47 A


Unfortunately, it could be several different things. That's why it's best to talk to your doctor first. For now, you could do RICE. rest the leg. put ICE on the leg to reduce any swelling. keep the leg elevated. If you have compression socks, you might wear them for support. If you don't have compression socks, just keep the leg up.

Don't run while you have these sharp pains. If you try to push through the pain, you'll just make the injury worse. Give your leg a few days to rest/recover and see what happens.

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9/11/12 5:13 A

Unfortunately we aren't qualified to comment on that. There are a number of things it could be and various reasons for it. Your Dr IS the best person to discuss this with!


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9/11/12 1:35 A

It could be you are dehydrated, or a build up of lactic acid. Try potassium. Bananas help a lot. Has it been a long time since you worked out? You may have pulled something in your leg.

9/10/12 10:40 P

I have been having pretty bad cramping in my left calf. It doesn't totally go away, it will let up for a little while but if I am up walking around it starts to hurt and it is pretty sharp pain. I will be calling my doctors office in the morning, but was just curious if it could be a muscle sprain or something.

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