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4/28/14 8:11 P

its not always good to go GF without working with your doc or testing positive for Celiac or even Gluten Intolerance … but that being said its not hard to get tested for it and its non uncommon for those with D to develop it.

I'm an insulin dependant diabetic who also has celiac (so have to live gluten free) there are a number of books on the market which are good, and the ADA actually does have a Gluten Free book out there, saw it a while back called Gluten-Free Recipes for People with Diabetes and they do also have stuff on their site such as
that might be of help to you.

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4/27/14 9:46 P

Thank you so much! I have spent the afternoon with my cook books and reference books creating calorie counts for recipes I want to try. I am feeling so much better and I want to continue to feel good and lose the extra weight!

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4/27/14 8:24 P

Here is a link to many Gluten Free recipes - the gluten free pasta is under the Vegetarian section of this page:

Good luck,

4/27/14 7:30 P

This link will take you to the 3rd page of our Sparkpeople article on this topic. This page contains a listing or books, cookbooks, and magazines that may be beneficial to your search.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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4/27/14 7:03 P

I am a diabetic, a heart patient, and have chronic pancreatitis. For the last 20 years I blamed the pancreas on frequent bouts of diarrhea. Recently I went on a low glycemic diet that had no wheat products after 5 weeks I had no problems and weight was down 5 pounds. Now I am searching for gluten free recipes for cooking from scratch. I love baking bread and have found 2 books. One by Carol Fenster, 1000 Gluten Free recipes and Analise Roberts- Gluten Free baking classics for the bread machine. Does anyone have other authors who address this problem? I have only found one recipe for making my own pasta and would love to have more!

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