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10/30/12 1:31 P

Yes.. I'm having problems stepping up my exercise/activity routine... eating healthily has become an easier thing and we've formed good habits. But by the time I get home from work I still have household chores to do, papers to grade.. and have to be back at school by 6 again tomorrow morning. One thing that has helped is taking part of each day's planning period to go for a walk outside... weather for us is glorious right now and that is nice. And I bought a fitbit, which is making sure I don't miss the daily walk.

What I need to do now is amp it up and walk after I get home... and then incorporate some weights. I have a ton of workout videos.. just need to use them.

Sigh. I think the advice from Dropcone is good.... take it bit by bit and not attempt to move mountains on the first day. My head understands it.. now to convince my body!

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10/30/12 12:24 P

I think it's more difficult than people realize to turn thoughts into action, and then into habits.

It may help to remain flexible about your expectations. Instead of viewing exercise as something you have to spend an hour doing every day, can you set aside just 10 minutes, maybe at lunch? Since you drive all day, it might be even more beneficial for you to spend 10 minutes doing jumping jacks or jogging around your vehicle every few hours than try to fit a big exercise session in.

Once the 10 minutes are a habit, add 2 more 10 minute sessions. Maybe at some point you will decide that 10 minutes three times a day is a hassle, so you'll just get up and do it in the morning. But by then, you will already have realized some of the benefits of increased exercise, so you'll be more motivated to do it, instead of getting tired out from going whole-hog at it right away.

You can do it!

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10/30/12 8:16 A


Adopting and acting on new healthy choices is a process. You are starting to think in a new way and can allow that to turn into action. Leave yourself clues like having workout gear in clear sight, deciding what time you will workout. Thinking in new ways is the first step so this is a good thing. emoticon

10/30/12 7:43 A

Does anyone else feel like this: I have all these plans and motivation to eat right and exercise but at times that I can't act on it. Usually when I'm home at night getting ready for bed I get inspired to exercise tomorrow from reading an article, watching a video but come the morning that motivation is gone. Or when i'm working (i drive all day so i have lots of time to think) I get motivated, but when the work day is done I lose the motivation. I feel like today is the last day/time I want to be lazy...bit it always carrie over. When i do exercise I get a good day in, then the following day is tough to want to exercise but I do it. By my third session or fourth It starts to drop off and i'm done. I repeat this cycld all the time.

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