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6/25/11 9:43 A

I agree that it is a great book for that age. I think 7 is okay. My first daughter started reading it at 8, and my second daughter was 6 1/2. Well, it wasn't long before daughter #2 wanted her turn to read it. She read it right around the time she turned 7. It was fine with me- both girls are in the same grade in school (second daughter skipped first grade) so even though she's 18 months younger, they are both going to be exposed to information from peers so I would rather have them learn it young and from me or a great book.

They are now 10 1/2 and 9, and when they had their fourth-grade health talk about changing bodies, they were able to roll their eyes and say "mom, we've known that stuff forever."

JOJOLALA88 Posts: 226
6/24/11 9:48 P

As long as you are ok with her knowing all the facts of life this is a great book. It is put out by American Girl. I would look it up on amazon or barnes and noble and read the recommendations there. We read it together when my daughter was 9. We have since then gone through a number of other American Girl books..especially good in my opinion were the care and keeping of my emotions, and the one about bullies. I havent found one specific to eating and nutrition but would get it if I could.

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6/24/11 2:29 P

Is The Care and Keeping of You appropriate for a 7 year old? I don't mind her knowing about her period and what-not.

JOJOLALA88 Posts: 226
6/23/11 11:15 P

I have a 10 year old daughter and we just finished the care and keeping of you for the 2nd time. Now I caught her reading it to her problem with her is she is somewhat overweight and has pretty bad eating habits. We are trying to clean them up as a team but she gets really emotional when it comes to her weight and any time I bring up the fact that she's on her 3rd candy bar for the day..she gets angry and calls me a hipocrit for telling her that God only looks at the heart. I don't have her on any kind of diet plan or anything, I just want her to be aware of what she puts in her mouth. I have the books Eat This Not That tha we've been looking through and using this board, plugging in certain foods to get nutritional values of different choices. but sometime..I just want to tear out my hair like tonight when I asked her what she had to eat all day and we added it up and found out she had over 4500 calories..2000 in bacon alone..she went crying up to her room thinking I would never let her eat bacon again. Which was not the point, the point was to see how much she had to eat and if she could have made better choices the next time...ugh preteenager.

6/18/11 12:35 P

Okay, I am the daughter in this situation, and my mater is forcing me to GAIN weight. Can anyone help me?

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/18/11 7:08 A

I think it's ok to question your child about eating habits, but in a different way, definitely not in a condescending way. You do need to teach her good eating habits after all. Definitely not an all the time, you're getting sort of chubby way (gotta love that! I do hate that phrase. Crap, my mom said it to me while we were visiting my grandparents this week!)

As for The Care and Keeping of You, my daughter loves that book. Be aware, while I think there may be some chapters on eating & being healthy & such, there's a lot about body changes and periods & the like. That's actually what I used that book for, so get that conversation started, if my daughter wanted to talk to me about it after reading.

TNSFAN Posts: 41
6/17/11 6:39 P

Thank you Mrs.Magistra!! I really appreciate the tip on the book. I am going to get my sweetie this book as it sounds perfect! My daughter is nearly 11 as well and heading to junior high next year. This has me especially worried!! I think it is time to start working on the "taking care of self"...including grooming...she still doesn't even always want to comb her hair :) But love the idea of having her help me cook! Thanks again...

6/17/11 5:52 P

Hi there , and let me say , I TOTALLY feel your pain !! DD is soon 11 , and she has been growing like a weed , as well as getting more exercise . This translates into a LOT more food , and since she is a creature of habit , I felt the same as you do . I took her to Barnes and noble and we talked about HEALTHY vs thin , among other things . She choose a book entitled " The care and keeping of you " and LOVES it !! Talks about many things , all in a light , friendly manner which does not seem to threaten her . She recently began making shopping lists with me , and adores cooking . Hope this helps , and have a beautiful weekend !!! emoticon

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6/16/11 6:42 P

Ohhh...I almost did it! I almost said "do you really need that" when my 10 year old daughter reached for her 2nd granola bar. She has been eating much more than usual, I'm assuming it's a growth spurt as she is a normal weight. I do not want my daughter to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. I do not want to turn into my mother who never held her tongue regarding my weight or eating habits...and still doesn't. Oh, give me strength to not repeat the cycle...

Does anyone know of any good books on this subject??

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