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Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!


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I feel same way as you do, moms seem to always put ourselves last. But thanks to my boyfriend I have a new motto in life and that is....If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy! And it is so true, if you can't make yourself happy then you can't make others happy. You have to take care of home before you can help the neighbors, so put yourself first for a change and then you will see how much better every thing is.

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1/19/13 8:33 A

emoticon Welcome.
Don't quit. Most everyone who starts Sparks gives up and quits. Don't be one of them. Stay with this. You can release FIVE POUNDS 8 times. Yes, that is what losing FOURTY pounds amounts to doing.

Listen to Richard Johnson's lecture on YouTube "The Sugar Fix".

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My name is shalyn, I am a mother to a 5,3,and 8 mtonth old. Ever since I had my first child, I have had a hard time with my weight. It just keeps creeping on. I was putting my needs on the backburner, and realize that it needs to stop. I hate the way I look. I get very discouraged when I see no change on the scale. This time around I am going to reach my goal. I am 178 lbs and want to lose 40lbs. According to Sparkpeople this can be accomplished by June. I have faith that I can succeed, but I am human and I know there will b times when I want to quit. Hoping to meet some people with my goals where we can encourage one another.

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