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1/13/13 5:06 P

I'm not sure there is a right and wrong answer to this. I sometimes walk before an hour before I have breakfast; other times I have breakfast, spend maybe 15 minutes Sparking, then exercise. I think as long as you don't find it uncomfortable to exercise after eating, it's fine to do so.

EREBECCA SparkPoints: (4,541)
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1/13/13 3:44 P

I have an apple before and then proper breakfast after

AMANDAROX Posts: 304
1/13/13 3:33 P

I say a little before and a little after. If you eat too much before, you might get stomach pains or gastro issues during exercise. But you should have something - mostly carbs to provide enough energy to workout. The replenish after your workout with carbs and protein. I usually have a small bowl of cereal with soymilk before I workout, then a price of toast with peanut butter afterwards.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
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1/13/13 3:16 P

This is a completely personal thing. Neither provides weight loss benefits over the other. It's a myth that you lose more weight on an empty stomach! (Anecdotally speaking, a friend of mine who shares a similar body type/weight as me skipped breakfast every time, and I always had at least a protein shake before going in... I lost weight more consistently than she did, because the time you eat your calories doesn't matter. Your body can't tell time. :)

You may find that eating before you workout leads to nausea and discomfort. I'm one of those people! However, I have also discovered that for very intense workouts, I hit the wall and run out of energy halfway through. So, I had to find a compromise. I don't like caffeine pre-workout, but I have a protein shake before an intense workout. That way there's nothing heavy on my stomach, I have the energy I need, and I can have a real breakfast later. I do NOT use them as meal replacements. Just pre-workout energy!

Experiment to see what provides the best results for you. What matters for weight loss is the amount of calories you've consumed at the end of the week... not what time of day you've had a few hundred of them. :)

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1/13/13 2:26 P

I workout 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Since I'm headed to school (a university) and have to travel ~20 to 30 minutes to get there, I will eat before I workout. I workout early in the morning. Then, after I workout I eat again. I don't eat too much either time, I try to keep things light in the morning but eat enough to fill me up. I try to get a reasonable amount of fiber and protein in the morning, followed by some protein after I workout (typically the Yoplait 100 calorie Greek Yogurt). I like eating before I workout but not eating so much that it's too uncomfortable to workout.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (105,502)
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1/13/13 10:28 A

Usually if I work out right after waking up, I first have a piece of fruit and a glass of water.

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (20,017)
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1/13/13 9:21 A

Great topic!

Zorb is right, whichever works best for you. If I don't eat at least something small before I work out I feel light-headed 30 minutes into my exercising. However, here are a couple of ideas to keep in mind.

1. Wait at least 15-30 minutes after eating to exercise to give your body a chance to digest. If I'm running I wait at least 45 minutes so I don't throw-up.

2. Eat a light meal before you work out to keep you energy up.

3. I never eat before I SWIM. Flip turns with food in your stomach makes you throw-up. A glass of juice and some toast at least 45 minutes before a swim, MAYBE, if I'm going to ride my bike to the pool.

4. An easy walk after a big meal for 30 minutes is a good way to help you digest and not feel bloated. But don't workout after a big meal.

I hope these ideas help. JUICE to you.

LJBKENT SparkPoints: (126,874)
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1/13/13 9:16 A

I recommend that you try both ways to see what works best for you. Some people don't do well without eating - others need to wait a while after eating before they work out or they don't feel too good.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (188,966)
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1/13/13 9:03 A

Whichever works better for you.

AKRAEMER21 SparkPoints: (912)
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1/13/13 8:51 A

workout before or after I eat I always confuse this... I would think before I eat but I am not 100% sure

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