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7/11/13 12:48 P

I like my coffee how I like my women, strong, black and silent. emoticon

2TIGRE Posts: 108
7/11/13 12:41 P

LOL at ASININE58!!! I just about believe that same thing which is why I no longer have straight coffee in the morning. Kicked caffeine about a year ago so these days my morning drink consists of a little decaf coffee, vanilla flavored soy protein powder, benefiber and non-dairy, sugar-free cream (my own mixture of half plain and half vanilla because straight vanilla is way too sweet). Makes the whole experience more of a mini meal than just a cup of coffee.

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J2740LOU SparkPoints: (312,578)
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7/11/13 12:36 P

Horizon FF Organic Milk

KENAMORA SparkPoints: (186,415)
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7/11/13 12:29 P

Fat free powder cream and Splenda.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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7/11/13 12:13 P

half and half -

BUMPS2 SparkPoints: (10,189)
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7/11/13 12:11 P

some Fat Free milk; NO SWEETENER

ASININE58 SparkPoints: (10,818)
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7/11/13 11:22 A

I like it black with one little packet of sugar.

I think there comes a time when coffee isn't coffee anymore for a lot of people. After you are done adding three tablespoons of sugar, two ounces of half and half/non-dairy creamer/some other processed "milk" product, chocolate powder and a pat of butter, you don't really have a cup of coffee anymore.

THEADMIRAL Posts: 7,649
7/11/13 11:00 A

one tablespoon of organic half and half in each cup I drink.

GOOD-ENOUGH-NOW SparkPoints: (10,345)
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7/11/13 10:38 A

I do put cream and sugar in my coffee and sometimes hazelnut flavoring.
That's how I treat myself, but the rest of the day I'm on the wagon. lol

: )

MAKING_CHANGES_ SparkPoints: (9,129)
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7/11/13 10:08 A

My first 2 cups of the day, I drink pressed coffee. I put 2 Tbsp of low cal hot choc powder (I'm on a choc kick right now)and 2 sweeteners. Any additional coffees I have throughout the day, I just put 2 sweeteners in them. I used to put cream and sugar(lots) in my coffee about 25 yrs ago, but made the change to black with sweetener and no cream after I went to weight watchers. I absolutely love my coffee.

DAV1511 SparkPoints: (4,868)
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7/11/13 10:01 A


ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (387,356)
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7/11/13 9:56 A

creamer and sugar

GMJ003 SparkPoints: (8,573)
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7/11/13 9:55 A

Black coffee for me! The stronger the better... I've always had my coffee black emoticon

TBOURLON SparkPoints: (18,640)
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7/11/13 9:50 A

Sadly, I'm one of those people who should probably give up coffee altogether, which I can't seem to do. I have GERD and some stomach issues. I can't drink black coffee or anything too strong. Right now I'm having a cup with a coconut milk-based flavored creamer (french vanilla, natch! emoticon ) and two packets Spenda. But I LUV Starbucks flavored latte's - french vanilla, caramel macchiato and white chocolate mocha!!! Those are loaded with calories, the cup I'm having right now is only about 20 calories for the one creamer. Fortunately, I can't afford Starbucks more often than 1-2 a week emoticon emoticon

DANAKA4 Posts: 870
7/11/13 9:03 A

Nothing,just black.

HCWEST Posts: 2
7/11/13 8:48 A

This is interesting! I have read the entire board and see nothing about mocha mentioned. Doesn't anyone else like chocolate in the morning? When I'm doing regular coffee I like it strong and black - always the good, more expensive coffee. But this morning I wanted a chocolate fix, so it is a blend of Equal Exchange Organic hot chocolate mix with my coffee. Yummm!

NOTANINJA SparkPoints: (18,863)
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7/11/13 8:09 A

Hazelnut creamer and splenda. emoticon

HEAT04 Posts: 116
7/11/13 8:01 A

Love my coffee in the morning!! I like the flavored creamers or some sort of creamer (i.e. milk) and splenda. I usually have about 2 cups in the morning - sometimes a small cup in the afternoon, but mostly it's been a cup of tea.

NILLAPEPSI SparkPoints: (117,349)
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7/11/13 7:47 A

Sugar Free Italian Sweet Cream by CoffeeMate. Only 15 calories per Tablespoon.

CATE195 Posts: 4,591
7/11/13 6:27 A

This is one thing I allow myself to have: half and half. I have one or two cups of coffee in the morning. Don't like sweeetner, but do enjoy the creaminess. My late mother-in-law insisted that life is too short not to enjoy your coffee the way you like it.

I do include it on my tracker, ouch for the fat, but I make other adjustments to stay in my range..

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DASHKATH Posts: 861
7/11/13 5:28 A

french vanilla coconut creamer...mmmmmm...

JOANIEMARIE64 SparkPoints: (286,267)
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Posts: 39
7/11/13 5:04 A

sugarfree vanilla creamer with splenda and powdered milk

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BASHA. Posts: 2
7/11/13 3:41 A

black with brown sugar.

DANCEMOM1970 SparkPoints: (44,120)
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7/11/13 2:24 A

This is my one indulgence that I don't put in my tracker. Every other bite or sip goes in. I use either low sugar/no sugar or low fat flavored coffee creamer and I have it in 2 cups a day. I figure since I eat pretty well at the low-mid range of my tracker that it won't hurt, and heck, I've lost over 90 lbs so far, so it IS working. :-)

7/11/13 1:14 A

Usually coffee with unsweetened soy milk and a dash of cinnamon; occasionally some sugar free hazelnut syrup.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (82,254)
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7/11/13 12:30 A

...just fresh ground, fresh perked...(not drip-it-as-fast-as-you-can)... black coffee... totally satisfying!

I used to drink it this way, then got caught up in all the unnecessary flavored creamers, etc. They are addicting, and since I usually have 2-3 cups a day....I finally told myself I don't need to be having the equivalent of a half cup of Ice Cream every morning!! Done with that as I don't want to drink my calories...... And quite content.....

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7/10/13 11:59 P

Cream. Usually about an ounce to an ounce and a half. I also will use coconut oil and cream, too, and a frother. It is wonderful. I'm doing LCHF (low carb high fat), and this is just fine by me.

I also will use butter occasionally. I used to like it black, but now I enjoy it this way most of the time.

7/10/13 9:03 P

I love farm fresh whipping cream in my coffee.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/10/13 4:49 P

first I weaned myself off sugar, then cream in my coffee.
Now, it's black (almost always - if it's really horrible coffee, I add some creamer to drown the taste)

NSMANN Posts: 977
7/10/13 4:30 P

cinnamon, pumpkin spice, cream, splenda

AMANDAREB SparkPoints: (4,069)
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Posts: 338
7/10/13 4:03 P

half and half and equal or splenda. I indulge in about a tablespoon or two of half and half. I can do as low as 1%, but figure I can make up the calories of a little cream elsewhere in my day. Can't ever do skim though.. grey coffee, blech.

SPARKLED146 SparkPoints: (330,412)
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Posts: 10,089
7/10/13 3:54 P

I like it black without any additions!

ZABOKA Posts: 35
7/10/13 3:39 P

thanks, everyone, for your responses.

i was able to make the switch from half and half to 2% some years ag -- i think i'll try that again, i haven't been too satisfied with the creamer or ff half-and-half options, so i hope this will work.

i think i'll work on improving my brew too, maybe a little less strong and a bit of cinnamon. i've been concerned about the milk cooling my coffee (yes, i can be a bit fussy in the morning), but i may just go ahead an warm the milk up.

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,120)
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Posts: 729
7/10/13 2:54 P

Yeah, natural plant-based fats are starting to be seen as a positive lately. I forgot, the coconut oil is only bad for us if it's hydrogenated, because hydrogenation transforms coconut oil from part Saturated, Mono, and Polyunsaturated to trans fatty acids, which is the most dangerous of all fats, so that's where my concern comes from.

Nutrition specialists agree and I heard a lecture on it from a very adamant professor who disliked coconut oil because when they use it in conjunction with other packaged/ processed food ingredients, it is usually hydrogenated.

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,617
7/10/13 2:33 P

2 tbsp cream

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
7/10/13 2:29 P

Nothing but coffee for me!!!

SASKITOBA SparkPoints: (3,042)
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Posts: 48
7/10/13 2:13 P

Black, just like the coffee gods intended lol

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
7/10/13 1:27 P

My morning coffee is usually more milk than coffee. I use skim or soy milk and a bit of Splenda. Sometimes I throw a cardamom pod or some vanilla in the coffee.

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7/10/13 11:57 A

LOL, no worries, JESSAELINN.

It has taken me a lot of time and online study (years of obsessive reading, actually) to come to these conclusions regarding saturated fats, and I understand your concerns, considering the anti-fat world that exists out there today. Just know that there is a whole new world out there that is just beginning to relearn the importance of old fashioned natural fats.

And, a lot of people really can't stand the oil slick that forms on top of the coffee when you add butter and coconut oil, so they wouldn't drink it this way under any circumstance!

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GDBEAR65 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 574
7/10/13 11:56 A

Coconut oil is no worse than other oils - the saturated fat in it is not the same as saturated fat from animal products.

I use 2% milk and quite a bit of it at that. I used to like using half and half but now it makes me gag when I put it in coffee we brew at home, which is usually dark roast.

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,120)
Fitness Minutes: (23,579)
Posts: 729
7/10/13 11:38 A

LaurieKeren, YOU just might have single-handedly messed me up with all that coffee stuff... emoticon

I hear that coconut oil is singlehandedly the WORST oil you can consume, given it has the highest content of saturated fat in all fats. I think the only time I'd consume it is if it was inevitably given a food I had no choice but to eat, like while out of town or if given by a friend while visiting. I would never have that stuff in my house, nor choose to buy it.

That being said... I might try it just one time... but maybe I won't because then I might be addicted! Then catastrophe!! I LOVE my coffee all dolled up, and that would be the worste thing for me to try. Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, I just think that is very unhealthy, and it is scary you drink that every day. If I drank that every day, it will be showing up in my veins and heart, if not on the exterior attributes of my body, so I say No, thank you.

I now have discovered Low Fat Vanilla Soy Milk and one Splenda is deliciouse!

7/10/13 11:11 A

Don't pass out when I say this, but...

I like to add cream (or half and half), butter, coconut oil, and stevia drops. Yeah, my morning coffee is around 300 calories. It works for me, though (I'm satisfied and losing weight).

I didn't invent the idea of coconut oil and butter in coffee. Google bulletproof coffee to find out more.

Butter in coffee is da bomb!

I guess I should add that I'm all for eating plenty of natural fats in my diet (no highly processed oils). I also don't eat any fake sweeteners or soy based creamers. I make an exception for my stevia sweetener, which is only sort of fake, lol. IF I'm going to have coffee, I want it with real cream or half and half. I add the coconut oil because I consider it to be a nutritious dietary supplement. I add butter (preferably grass-fed) because it is tasty in coffee and good for you.

I only drink one (biggish) cup of coffee per day (usually a coffee/chicory blend, or a coffee substitute like Dandy Blend).

And, while I'm not scared of high cholesterol and I wouldn't take a statin drug even if it was high, my cholesterol is great!

KPA1B2 Posts: 782
7/10/13 11:03 A

Nothing. Black & strong!

IDIOMFACTORY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (607)
Posts: 1
7/10/13 11:01 A

Morning coffee is a MUST! Not only to get my day off to an energetic start but it's an important part of our household routine to have coffee and chat about the upcoming day's events.
I've recently switched to the So Delicious brand coconut milk creamer. I really like the french vanilla flavor.
No corn syrup in this product!!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (189,061)
Fitness Minutes: (184,014)
Posts: 15,734
7/10/13 10:59 A

a splash of 1% milk.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (387,356)
Fitness Minutes: (130,041)
Posts: 11,587
7/10/13 10:58 A

Creamer and sugar

LISAHELLING SparkPoints: (5,289)
Fitness Minutes: (4,263)
Posts: 129
7/10/13 10:49 A

Usually I drink it with fat free half & half and a Splenda but once in a while I want actual creamer so I but those individual packs and use just one.,i findthe ful bottles of creamers make it difficult for portion control. My current favorite flavor is almond joy but hazelnut is my absolute favorite flavor.

7/10/13 10:11 A

2%. I actually use 2% in everything. In baked goods, skim isn't bad, but 2% is so much better and definitely worth the extra calories. Fat isn't bad!

I used to use half and half, but switch to 2% in my coffee. I tried almond milk, but it wasn't that good. I make my coffee pretty weak, and also look forward to it every morning.

SBURDEN Posts: 10,496
7/10/13 10:10 A

sugar free creamer and splenda

ZABOKA Posts: 35
7/10/13 9:59 A


i have a strong attachment to my morning coffee - a small pot which serves 3 mugfuls. i look forward to it. the trouble is my current habit includes half-and-half, to a tally about 100 calories of fat every morning.

years ago, i used to use 2% milk in my coffee, that seemed ok, but I don't tend to have 2% in the house - it's either skim (0% fat) or a non-dairy (typically unsweetened almond milk). i think in the scheme of things, I may have answered my own question - i should probably try 2% (or even whole milk!) in my coffee; it would surely be fewer calories.

but i'm curious to know, are you drinking black coffee? if not, what is your "creamer" of choice?

also, a related question: does coffee with milk negate / limit / or otherwise interfere with calcium absorption (from the milk?).


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