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I was not suggesting vitamin supplements as you can get your B vitamins naturally from foods.
B 12 ... Natural Sources are milk, eggs, yogurt and hard cheeses, seafood, leafy green such as Spinach, romaine, watercress, etc, vegetables, whole grains such as oats, liver, lamb, turkey, sardines, mussels, salmon, trout

B-Complex High Potency...Natural Sources come from Meat , Fish, Poultry, Eggs, Milk, cheese, grains, Legumes, Vegetables, Fruits.

Folic Acid is part of the family of B vitamins that helps stave off depression....Natural Sources are Broccoli, Spinach, almost all leafy greens, Asparagus, Lima and Pinto Beans, mushrooms, nuts sunflower seeds, lentils, oranges, avocado

Vitamin C ....Natural Sources... Green Peppers, Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, red potatoes, spinach and sweet potatoes

All of the B-complex vitamins are water soluble which means they dissolve in water and are not stored in your system, ....however too much of anything is not good, yes, of course check with your physican to make sure to make sure nothing interfers with or will create side affects to any medicine you are currently taking and to speak about the proper dosage once cleared.

Please take note that I did say "Maybe it's time to get to your doctor to have a complete lipid profile done, including testing for diabetes/hypoglycemia including testing for magnesium and vitamin D/B levels or see an endocrinoligist who specializes in metabolic issues."

I "was" pre-diabetic and even though I have had been normal for over 2 1/2 years now, I still eat like a diabetic to maintain good health and steaady blood sugar. Good Luck to you once again.

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In addition to the great advice already given( I agree with that) I wanted to say that I experience the same thing. I don't have diabetes but those times happen when feelings overtake me and bombard me. I turn to something to soothe me. When you used the word "snowballs", my mind instantly went to a pink coconut covered chocolate cupcake. When a pattern of behavior has been entrenched for so long, it's a challenge to change it. It just takes extra effort for me. The important thing is to get back on track when those feelings cease. That's what I try to do.

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3/22/13 2:07 A

Hi - I agree with talking to your Dr about what is happening.

I am wondering if there is something emotional going on - often people who suffer from chronic health conditions tend to suffer from depression or depression-related disorders. Grief can also play a part, and at times we don't even realize that we are grieving. Loss of good health is one of the causes of grief. It can manifest in a myriad of ways and what you describe is one of them. I am not suggesting you ARE suffering in this way, but rather talk with your Dr to be sure.

Good luck,

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Please note that it is outside the scope of advice for our members to suggest dietary advice as well as suggesting supplementation that may work for them, especially if you have a disease such as diabetes. Remember supplements are not regulated by the FDA so the potency of these supplements can vary as they do not have controls in place and for some with chronic illnesses, supplements may have a detrimental affect which is why it is very important for you discuss any and all medications, including supplements with your doctor.

You may want to pass this information past your doctor just to ensure that your treatment is not the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. That said, healthy living is about building healthy habits over a period of time, so focusing on one or two change every few weeks--such as walking 10 minutes daily and drinking water is where you put your energy until they become a way of living and then you can move on.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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3/21/13 9:51 A

thanks sunshine. I am diabetic have high blood pressure and high cholesteraol and am on medication for all the above. i do take fish oil and use olive oil mainly as a fat, but I think you may have a point in that i should look back when this happens and look at the food tracking before the melt down . I willl try to see if I can see a pattern that could show a food sensitivity. usually i have flax meal with yogurt in the morning maybe I ahave a problem when I skip that. thanks so for the feed back

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3/21/13 9:44 A

I have found that for me too many carbs create mood swings., I am miserable after eating anything high carb. Carbs also make me crave more food. Also preservatives & other additives that contain harmful substances are avoided by me. Amino acids in protein can be beneficial in combating depression. Also that sugar (including the sugar in alcohol and sugar alcohols in sugar free products) can cause extreme fluctuations in blood sugar levels which can lead to mood swings. Are you diabetic? or been tested for diabetes/hypoglycemia ?

I eat healthy fat choices which include oils such as flaxseed oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and walnut oil. I also eat 4 walnuts a day as they have good oils. Foods that include serotonin are plums, avocado, tomatoes, and walnuts...these foods can boost your mood. So can a apple as it is an energy food. How about an apple dipped in hummus?

You may be low in B vitamins...they are energy vitamins.. low levels of Vitamin B12 could be the culprit.....also common food allergies include wheat, corn, dairy, nuts, and eggs which could contribute to mood swings, as well as, the onset of menopause.

Maybe it's time to get to your doctor to have a complete lipid profile done, including testing for diabetes/hypoglycemia including testing for madnesium and vitamin D/B levels or see an endocrinoligist who specializes in metabolic issues.

Just remember you wait more than four hours to eat your blood glucose drops, and so do your energy levels.

Good luck!

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It seems I am going great and then some thing like fatique, sadness, anger, whatever emotion washes away my rational self and I temporarily forget everything that I know , techniques , everything and I binge on anything that is available. I start to obsess about a particular food then it just snowballs. what can I do to remind myself in these crazed phases? When this happens it seems I can gain alll the weight it took me weeks to lose in a day.

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