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9/23/12 12:58 A

He says in the book that we can have 25 mg of fructose per day which is a couple of oranges, etc. but the whole fruit is what is important as it has the fiber, etc. The book is really good. I know I got fat from drinking two liter bottles of COKE all day long, which I don't do now any more. I have GOUT and I don't want to deal with the pain from it, so I'm making changes.

9/23/12 12:00 A

thank you for recommending the lectures, they were very enlightening. i already try not to eat too much sugar, but at least for a while i am now going to track my sugar intake to ensure i am not eating more than what is made necessary by food manufacturers (a zero sugar diet seems about impossible, but we'll see...)
thanks for the advice, i'll be spreading it myself!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,926
9/22/12 10:10 A

Wonderful. emoticon

I'm reading Richard Johnson M.D.'s "THE SUGAR FIX" and recommend it to one and all. His lecture on YouTube.

9/22/12 6:09 A

i have just recently accomplished my short term goal of the last couple months- to train for and run warrior dash. so this week has been my week off after that accomplishment and starting tomorrow, sunday september 23, i am starting another short term goal and i have a few ideas what i would like to do with this 7 week period (all of my s.t.g.'s are 6-10 weeks). so my STG's for sept 23-november 10 are:
1. train for and run the virtual 5k on sparkpeople
2. run/do cardio 3x/week
3. strength train 3x/week
4. use the goals above to help myself lose 10 lbs and 3% body fat
5. sleep at least 6 hours each day (a hard one due to my work schedule, but necessary)

feel free to chime in ideas of your own that i can use for the november 10 period STG's or to give me honest input about the goals i have set! thanks!

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