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11/4/11 6:00 P

Might as well make this informative while we are here.... Here is a little factoid I read on web site about milk:

Milk contains many different nutrients
Milk and milk products contain a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate and are a very important source of essential nutrients including:
Vitamins A, D and B12
Pantothenic acid.
Milk products also contain ‘high quality proteins’ that are well suited to human needs. Milk proteins increase the value of poorer quality cereal and vegetable proteins in the diet by providing the amino acids these proteins lack.

Of course moderation is the key to every thing! Supplement the diet with milk, don't exist on it.

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11/4/11 5:55 P

Love the milk! Add a little chocolate syrup and it becomes something similar to the nectar of the gods!

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11/4/11 5:43 P

I love my fat free milk:-) Drink it with every meal and snacktime:-)

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11/3/11 10:06 P


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11/3/11 9:10 P

Milk, it does a body good... who hasn't heard that one? We homogenize it, pasteurize, take out the fat, (only god knows how we can do that and still have something left that looks like milk). Some say that the things we do to milk, those I just mentioned, make it more detrimental to our health than to our benefit. The molecular structure breaks down and causes things to happen in our bodies that it shouldn't IE: plague build up in the arteries..

Milk is after all the stuff the baby cows drink until weaned, which turns them into huge farm yard animals in a very short time in comparison to our lifespan. Is it really meant to be such a prominent part of our diet? Inquiring minds want to know...

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
11/3/11 8:47 P

I don't like milk. I buy 2% for my family and to use in cooking. I will occasionally have a bowl of cereal. I get my calcium from yogurt and cheese.

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11/3/11 2:33 P

I like milk but it doesn't like me, so I use Silk soy milk in smoothies and on cereal and such. Also, chocolate soy milk is a great post-exercise recovery drink.

ADJQUILTER Posts: 1,796
11/3/11 1:57 P

Almond Breeze

CORINNEMOMMY SparkPoints: (61)
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11/3/11 1:52 P

fat free all the time. Every meal and with a snack! I cannot get a snack or seconds without drinking ALL my milk:-) Kicked that stupid food habit in the butt!!!!!

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9/22/11 9:51 P


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9/22/11 10:39 A

skim milk. Love it!

W5VEOTX Posts: 1,980
6/22/11 11:54 P

only on cereal and then just a little

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6/22/11 8:30 P

I'm not a fan of milk, but I use vanilla soy milk in my coffee sometimes. Yummy!

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6/22/11 6:24 P

thank u ! sounds like choclate shake. yum yum! emoticon

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6/22/11 6:22 P

thank u! emoticon

BECKYJ221 Posts: 1,046
6/22/11 1:17 P

Love cow & soy...chocolate soy & 1% cow for SMOOTHIE WIN!

DLGILBERT Posts: 1,798
6/22/11 12:19 P

I love milk - we drink 2%. I limit myself to one glass about 3 or 4 days a week. I do use it in cooking or baking.

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6/22/11 9:10 A

I hate mucus. Can't stomach the stuff. I use nonfat for cooking only.

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6/22/11 9:07 A

skim or soy

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6/20/11 7:57 P

2% and/or soy emoticon ! Use in oatmeal instead of water, delish!

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6/20/11 7:35 P

is there any one who doesnt like milk? i use juice in my smoothies instead of milk. emoticon

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