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JOIJA723 Posts: 564
2/9/09 9:06 P

I keep tellin' ya, everything will come together as it should be! Don't let other people determine you mood and more importantly, don't let anyone else ruin your day for you! Everything happens for a reason....remember that emoticon

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
2/8/09 10:52 P

hey just wanted to let you know that the fg mom totally blew me and my fiance off again this weekend. kept on giving us the run around. (its in teh db post). basically running out of time to find fg and the sad thing is, dummy me i already ordered 2 flowergirl baskets the one for whoever passes out the programs and theother for the fg. and to boot we are seein the pastor this week to discuss the wedding!!! i am to the point where i am going to have a nervous breakdown. why cant anything go smoothly?

JOIJA723 Posts: 564
2/6/09 3:22 P

Oh girl PLEASE don't worry about anything! Everything will fall into place. All those little details that we stress over end up going unnoticed anyway. Just relax and enjoy this time...before ya know it, it will all be a memory (:

Let Go & Let God!

Take Care

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
2/6/09 2:33 P

hanks for your help....lil bit pi^^ed off right now dont really want to be bothered.....stupide flowergirls mom want to strangle her..........................

JOIJA723 Posts: 564
2/6/09 1:32 P

WOW! That's a lot...for me! I did everything for the entire wedding for about $6000. That's partly why we chose a destination wedding. I had no intention of even spending $200 on my dress, it kinda hurt to spend the extra $100 (lol)! I actually made my sash/belt for the dress and my bouquet to save money too. After I bought the second dress I saw another one online, that I absolutely fell in love with, but it was too late for that. They'll always be something we like better. Since you've already invested a good amount into this one, ,just roll with it. Pray over it before the next alteration and let God do His thing. When I realized that I would need another dress, I prayed that God would lead me to a dress both me and my fiance would like and that was CHEAP and needed no aterations. I went into David's and the first dress the girl pulled was "the one" the Lord set aside for me (last one in the sale too!). God will take care of you. He wants you to have a perfect day & He'll give it to you if you let Him!

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
2/6/09 1:08 P

congratz on your sucess too!!.....i dont know, for the alteration of the top and bottom was 120. (the rest was like under 50) the whole bill came out to be 345. i was like holy sh((....the dress that i got that i have on my icon tht was originally 950 but then i ended up getting it for 650. (i wanted tos pend around five hundred).....dont get me wrong i love ti and all, but the more i look at the pictures of the two other dresses i had in mind well i think i like one of them better honestly....and those were all one idk what to not exactly made out of money thats the thing. i live on ssi month to month and i try to pay my bills the best i can. (my fiance supports both of us which i dont mind at all). thate the only thing i am worried about. bc i was almost done paying my db card off and then all of a sudden BAM get smacked with this amount. sigh.....

JOIJA723 Posts: 564
2/6/09 12:44 P

Congrats on all of your success!!

I had to buy another dress. I purchased a 12 when I was a 16. I got down to a 10 before my wedding so I had it altered and I still wasn't happy with the fit. It didn't compliment my new body AT ALL! I only spent about $200 (with alterations) so it was kinda ok to just get another one. Even though it was a destination wedding with only 2 guests (my parents), I wanted to be happy. I found one a week before the trip at David's $99 sale. It was perfect!! I can't even imagine getting married in the first dress!

If you're not 100% happy, just get another one! That's a huge size difference to alter! How much are all the alterations? Is it worth it? It's your day and you want everything to be perfect. You want to feel like the princess you are that day that comes only once in your life. The dress is one of the most important elements - everyone will be looking at YOU! Besides, you have to look at those pics for the rest of your life! You make the desicion that best for you - God Bless & Good Luck!

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
2/6/09 6:28 A

hey i was just wondering if anyone had to buy another dress because they lost/gained weight? i got my dress altered for the first time this past tues. (as you can tell from the new pic. on my icon and the one in my profile). she had to take it in ALOT. both the top and bottom. i have a feeling i am going to keep lossing (thank u spark!!!). am i going to have to buy another gown? i had one or two in mind that i really liked that i shoulda stuck with. i dont want the dress to make me look heaver than i am. my wedding lady wasnt there (she didnt come in till later on when she was scheduled). i dont know was wondering if anyone had this problem?(the dress bottom is a 12 the jeans i am in are a four-6) i am wondering if i should call her today to ask her i had a few questions to ask her anyway....

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