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microwave sweet corn w/or without husks & recipes

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7/28/13 10:16 P

we always some of the husk on, but take most of it off. If memory serves me it is 4-5 mins an ear

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7/28/13 8:53 P

i tend to husk, rinse so that it is wet, wrap in wax paper and microwave for about 2 minutes per ear. if your corn is a little younger or more tender to begin with i might say to check the corn at 90 seconds or a little earlier, but you could also start with one, try out the two minutes and pop it back in the microwave for a bit if it isn't done yet. and then just make a note of how much time it needs based on what kind of corn you're getting in right now.

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7/28/13 8:09 P

I have always grilled mine. you do need to either soak in water for a few hours.
OR I have used my vacuum sealer and placed the corn with the husks on in the vacuum bag and sealed up. Then put in freezer until the day we want to grill them. Just set on counter in the morning, and they will thaw and have enough moisture in the husks you can just put on grill. I always cook everything on low, and turn often about 20 min or so. Then I peel husks off with oven mitts.


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7/28/13 4:33 P

Does anyone have a recipe or experience in cooking sweet corn in the microwave with or without husks left on? I am going to try cooking the corn either way but am having a hard time finding a recipe with how much time for 1 ear or depending upon whether its wrapped in a husk or something else. I did not know if the size of the corn, or how many pieces of corn I will be cooking will make a difference. For me it will be 2 ears and they are average size, almost on the small side since sweet corn is just beginning to be harvested in Iowa. If anyone knows the cook time for in water on a stove that would be great. I have always had sweet corn, I just never really knew how long it needs to cook in water or couldn't tell when it was done and realized the corn wasn't cooked all the way. Any advice would be appreciated or articles sparkpeople may have that I missed.

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