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6/1/14 2:31 A

Plan ahead and eat a little light earlier in the day just like planning for a party out. For food,
fajitas are a great choice - you can eat the meat and veggies and skip the tortillas completely. Use salsa and have a small portion of guacamole since its a healthy fat, but skip the sour cream.
Soft chicken tacos are another good choice, and beans. I ask for extra beans (to take home) and no rice. Soft taco shells are steamed not fried, and corn may be healthier than flour.
It happens the hubby and I went out today for Mexican food and split some carne asada nachos. I first ordered a garden salad and ate all of that before diving in. It kept me from snacking on the chips & salsa - if you have a choice, request that they not bring it to the table.
Opt for a diet code rather than a beer or margarita. the Mexican sodas are very sweet and sugary too so not a good bet. I dislike artificial sweeteners but ice tea may not cut it for taste - you don't want to feel too deprived.

Chicken mole isn't a bad choice either, but things like chile rellano - a big chili pepper stuffed with cheese, batter dipped and fried obviously is not the lowest calorie option or very healthy, either. Love burritos? Ask for meat and beans with lettuce and tomatoes in it rather than cheese & rice. Some enchilada sauce over it is ok but not the extra shredded cheese.

If you want something different, try the shrimp or seafood options, or order a bowl of caldo de res which is like a beef broth soup with vegetables in big pieces added. Satisfying and tasty.
focus on conversation, putting your fork or spoon down between bites, and having a good time.

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5/30/14 10:24 P

I actually had the best tacos yesterday, with a mix of kale, onion, tomatoes, creamy herb dip and breaded butternut squash pieces. Most of it was just uncooked great combination of flavors.

5/30/14 11:32 A

The more simple the item, usually the lower calories. Go for 2 chicken tacos off the al la cart menu, choose corn tortillas and most places will let you do a side of half beans and half rice. I use the salsa on that and it tastes really good. Salsa is very low in calories so feel free to indulge. It's the chips that are calories.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/29/14 3:36 P

Fajitas can be a really good choice, as you put them together at the table yourself - you can thus control the amount of added condiments (i.e. less/no sour cream, cheese, more lettuce and salsa).

I typically avoid the rice and go easy on the beans - both are cheap carby "fillers" that are served in too-large portions to make it your meal portion look bigger (and thus a great value - look at all that food!).

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5/29/14 2:58 P

I typically order: Grilled chicken taco salad with: lettuce, onion, tomato, garlic, avocado, sour cream, chicken or shrimp. Salsa optional, if it's not sweet. No beans, corn, crispy things, or tortilla. Portions are typically large so I order a small/half portion if available.

KASTRA Posts: 369
5/29/14 2:30 P

Angel mama, I'm a fanatic for Mexican food, too! I'd eat it daily if my family would let me keep feeding it to them!

Make your own at home to fill that crave, and you can "indulge" without backsliding...

There are tons of recipes to make your own salsa, and if you do that, it's all fresh veggies (score!) and you can have as much as you want - seriously! Make a lot. It's good stuff.

Make your own seasoned beans from scratch for your protein, or grill up some chicken (why can't it be both?)

If you want fajitas, sautee up a healthy dose of peppers and onions to load in.

Use corn tortillas. I like to bake them until crispy and load up a bean, cheese, and veggie tostada. You can also cut them into chips and bake if you want nachos.

Part-skim mozzarella is actually quite good with Mexican, or some other not-so-calorie-loaded white cheese.

Mmmm... Now I know what I'm making for Friday night dinner.

KASTRA Posts: 369
5/29/14 2:24 P

A lot of times - but not ALL the time - vegetarian options at Mexican restaurants are reasonable. They tend to use more veggies and less of anything fried, and substitute beans (ideally whole beans - authentic refried bean versions typically use a good bit of not-so-healthy fats).

A salad outside the crispy shell could be a winner. If you definitely want meat, I'd go with chicken or a fish entrée instead of beef; a lot of restaurants do not drain the fat from beef prior to seasoning and dishing so it's loaded with sat fat and unnecessary calories.

Skip cheese dip (nothing wrong with cheese, but that dip is calorie packed).

...Unless this is a rare, special night out, in which case, get whatever sounds yummy to you and do a bit of extra exercise tonight or tomorrow and call it a rare treat.

5/29/14 2:05 P

You should look at the specials, and see if they offer any grilled chicken or fish. You could also get a salad. I typically get salsa, guacamole, and a couple tacos, and I just eat the contents of the taco, skipping the extra carbs. See if they can chop up some fresh jalepenos to add to your food, if you can take the heat, as they raise your metabolism. I know it's hard, but try to go easy on the carbs (chips, rice, tortillas), and I would opt for whole beans vs. refried. Drink water or have a light beer, or a skinny margarita.

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5/29/14 12:49 P

Googling it, I see that good options are toastados, guac, anything grilled (shrimp, steak, chicken), black beans vs. refried beans, skip the sour cream, choose corn tortillas, and sadly...skip the salsa and chips, or portion them out....I can't do that, so I'm better off not eating it at all.

I haven't been to one since I started eating right, so...yeah. LOL I LOVE Mexican food.

MINIK2009 Posts: 11
5/29/14 12:31 P

I'm headed to a mexican restaurant for dinner tonight. I checked the internet and can't find a list of the calories in the menu items. Does anyone have any thoughts on some low calorie choices I might want to consider?

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