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2/15/14 12:01 P

I drink Yerba Mate tea daily and also Red Roobius (recommend by my geneticist)which is the same only with no caffeine.

I also keep a set of two pound dumbells by my couch. I pick them up and do some upper
body workouts.

I heard strength training boosts metabolism and it diverts me from the fridge, rather lift
the weights then lifting the fridge door. lol

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/15/14 11:21 A

eating enough real food

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2/15/14 10:51 A

I like green tea also.

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2/11/14 5:36 P

Interval training works and changing your workouts helps too

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2/11/14 5:31 P

intervals on the treadmill

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2/11/14 5:09 P

I enjoy tea for its taste not its purported properties.

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2/11/14 4:50 P

Metabolism Advice . com

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2/11/14 4:45 P

Ice Cold Water ....about 112 oz a day

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2/11/14 4:45 P

Our local Hospital used to have a nutrition program. I ate lunch there every day. One of the things they served was Vegetable Broth. It was delicious. It did help with not eating so much at meal time. I wish they still had that program now.

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2/11/14 4:25 P

What is your favorite dietary helpers? I like green tea, yerba mate tea, and ice cold water. Also heard that decaffeinated oolong tea works but have not tried it.

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