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STARS4ME Posts: 227
5/21/13 5:13 P

so today I was out again !!! so I stopped in for a box of emerald 100 calorie almonds and a 4oz applesauce 80 calories... lol emoticon

LISS741 SparkPoints: (27,095)
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5/21/13 9:36 A

I did a similar thing this past weekend and also worried that I blew away all of my hard work. Then when I calmed down and really sat down to look at what I ate, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I just learned that I have some restaurants that I need to steer clear from for a long time lol Good luck!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
5/21/13 8:18 A

hehe phew!! When I read your post, I was imagining you drinking a very large glass of olive oil straight. That might be 600 grams of fat...

STARS4ME Posts: 227
5/20/13 9:28 P

Thank you all . I rechecked the information. it was 74 grams fat today. so I was 14 grams over my day ! sigh what a relief , thank you Bunnykicks emoticon

BEEZAUR SparkPoints: (525)
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5/20/13 9:23 P

When I walk by a pizza I gain about 4 lbs.

It takes a week or two of concentrated good eating to recover to my former weight.

Actually that's not completely a joke. My body is particularly good at converting dietary fat to body fat. From the weight the second day after the insult (takes time for water retention to adjust) I figure 2 lbs per week.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/20/13 9:11 P

Small Italian sub has 590 CALORIES, not grams of fat! That's not bad at all, you'll probably have recovered by the end of the day. ;)

STARS4ME Posts: 227
5/20/13 9:07 P

I had a small Italian sub ! I will re check the web site for Papa Gino's . there were about 5 slices of mixed deli meat on it. ill get back to this ... thank you :)

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/20/13 9:01 P

600 grams??

I think you're calculating something wrong - to consume 600 grams of fat, you would have had to eat more than 20 slices of x-large PapaRoni pizza... I feel certain you didn't do THAT!.... Make sure you take the nutritional information from the column labelled "Total Fat" and NOT from "Fat Calories"...

Now, even if you did do something ridiculous like consume 21 slices of pizza in a sitting... there is only so much your body can absorb/assimilate at one time! It would be impossible to literally gain several pounds of fat as the result of one meal, no matter how over-the-top that meal was.

I can't imagine why you would think it could take days weeks or months to recover from a one-meal blunder! Just start fresh with your next meal, and you can reverse any actual "damage done" within a few days, tops.

STARS4ME Posts: 227
5/20/13 8:48 P

Today was very busy for me . I stopped for lunch at Papa Gino's !!
my lunch set me a whopping 600 extra grams of fat. how long will it take my body to recover from this. I will never eat there again. I'M only allowed 60 grams a day.... Please give me the truth . 1 month 2 months ?? what's the damage ?
Thank you

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