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2/4/12 10:40 A

It's so exciting when visitors find Spark on their very first day on the internet! That's so cool! Welcome to the world wide web! I'm not sure if you're using Netscape Navigator, but if you are, consider upgrading to Firefox, which is one of the most popular browsers being used in 2012!

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2/3/12 6:15 P

Most of the dressings say 2 tbsp

This one says cup:

Blue Cheese or Roquefort Cheese Salad Dressing, 1 cup

you just have to click on the arrow next to the word CUP to switch to tbsp.

You can add multiple items if you add them from the Favorites tab or create of Grouping.

2/3/12 5:58 P

Here is a link to our video on how to use the food tracker. Does it help answer some of your quetions?

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/3/12 2:12 P

I dunno, I've never had any problem adding exactly what I want to my tracker, in exactly the quantities I want. Since most people aren't having the same issue you are, I'd assume there's something wrong on your end. Checking that you're using a proper browser is a good start.

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2/3/12 1:44 P

You will find that there are a lot of people willing to help here if you are having difficulty with something.

If you want to go back and change the blue cheese dressing you can click on that item and will be able to change the quantity to what you actually ate. Use the drop down box to select a different size (ie: tablespoon instead of cup)

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2/3/12 1:20 P

Just because you can't get it to work doesn't mean the developers were morons...

You can add more than one food at a time from favorites and you can adjust the quantities (number you type in and measurement system is in the drop down). Perhaps there is something wrong with your browser.

2/3/12 1:15 P

So sorry you're frustrated. What browser are you using? From my favorites, I can check multiple foods at once to add to my tracker. I can also use the drop down menu on each food to change the quantities. It has worked fine for me in Firefox and Chrome (although the fitness tracker doesn't work in Chrome); maybe it's a problem with your browser?

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2/3/12 12:43 P

Who wrote THIS program!!!! I figured out how to add foods from my favorites. I wanted to add foods, specifically a tossed salad and blue cheese dressing. You cant highlight more than one food before you add. U have to come back for each food. There is no way to enter quantities. I entered blue cheese dressing and the quantity was one cup. I had added 1300 calories. Moronic

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