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6/28/12 3:48 P

okay, thanx all for the ideas. Its really helping me.

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6/28/12 12:33 P

I love meal planning - it just makes it so much easier when I get groceries and it is cheaper than mindlessly shopping for whatever looks good but then not having that one item needed for a recipe.

As my kids have gotten older, they're willing to try more things, so I experiment a little more with what I cook. I try to get them to try everything, but when I know its probably not something they'll eat, I have something ready for them as well.

However, when I fix something they normally eat and they CHOOSE not to, they're on their own to fix something. They're younger so that usually consists of a turkey sandwich, but that's ok. On nights like that, that's their only option - or not eat anything.

So basically, mix it up a bit. You'll know when the kids will need something different than you, based on what you're fixing.

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6/28/12 10:16 A

My husband doesn't eat a lot of carbs, so I don't make any casserole sort of things where the protein and carbs are mixed. Typically, our meals are a protein with a veg on the side. I don't really make rice or pasta, although I have used tofu noodles. So, I'm making one meal for all of us, but my husband doesn't usually eat the side dish, depending on what it is. My most often used meals (I don't usually get too creative, we eat the same few things very often) turkey burgers, turket bratwurst/Italian sausage, salads, microwave roasts for busy nights, sloppy joes, shrimp. Those are all usually served with some frozen veg, sometimes potatoes and/or some fruit.

6/28/12 9:36 A

It's pretty easy to make one meal for the whole family and cook a grain separately to be added to the plate of those who want it. I do eat plenty of carbs but I don't often eat grains for the same reason. I always just cook noodles/rice/potatoes/etc for the family separately and make cauli-rice, zucchini noodles, or spaghetti squash for me. Then I top with the same sauce or stir fry or whatever. Or if they're having tacos/burritos/etc I have a taco salad.

6/27/12 2:53 P

You should be preparing meals and snacks for the entire family. Then adjusting portion sizes based on nutritional and calorie requirements. IF there are foods you need to have in smaller amounts or limit due to a sensitivity---then do so; but the rest of the meal you can still enjoy.

Kids need to be exposed to these healthy planned meals as well. Don't get into the habit of being a short order cook. Your kitchen is not a restaurant where everyone gets to "order off the menu." Children need to be continually exposed to a variety of healthy foods.
SP Dietitian Becky

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6/27/12 2:15 P

okay thanx. that makes a lot of sense lol. meal planning is turning out harder than I thought lol

6/27/12 2:03 P

You can try just doing a bit of variation for yourself.

For example:
Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and rice... But you just eat a double portion of broccoli
Turkey burgers with potato wedges and a side salad... Eat yours wrapped in lettuce
Chicken Curry over rice... Eat yours without rice.

Have a cheap, healthy, enjoyable go-to meal for the kids if they don't like what you're eating. For example, a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole grain bread with carrot sticks and a banana. Or Whole grain pasta topped with butter and parmesan cheese with a vegetable on the side. Any time the kids don't like what you serve, they get that.

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,538)
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6/27/12 1:46 P

I am trying to do meal planning because I've heard its more cost effective.

what do you guys think?

also, I'm not sure if its better to plan for everyone together or the kidz and adults seperately.

the reason that I say this is that hubby and the kidz can eat carbs no problems. but I can't. rice makes me feel bloated, oats are HORRIBLE for me. etc.

any ideas on this one?

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