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10/12/12 9:16 P

We try to meal plan but for us it's always something quick and easy. We have a dry erase board in the kitchen that we write it all down on so if I'm not home hubby can start and vice versa!

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9/28/12 9:34 P

On Saturday I usually get a co-op fruit/veggie basket, then do my shopping for the week to get whatever else I need, so I end up with a mixture of produce and meat that was on special and/or looked good. From that, I try to take a few minutes to jot down a menu for the week so that I use everything in a way that makes sense and works together. I don't always manage to stick to the plan, but it does help prevent food waste and keep me from ending up with a bunch of weird odds and ends ingredients at the end of the week.

I don't like doing it the other way - picking recipes and then shopping - because it seems like I end up with excess of certain ingredients that are only needed for one recipe, so they go to waste, or one of the key ingredients ends up being really expensive or not fresh or available when I get to the store.

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9/28/12 2:14 P

I also do it weekly. It's just me and my BF though. I grocery shop on Saturdays with a list based on the plan, and I enter everything in my tracker a week in advance, so it helps to save a lot of money, and keeps my eating on track too (and saves me from planning a meal that has "hidden" calories!) I don't really "meal plan" for lunches as I will either just eat leftovers or make a sandwich or something. I cook a different dinner pretty much every night so I don't have any "old faithful" recipes for the most part, but here's my plan for this next week, my plans start on Saturdays:

Marinated London Broil w/ creamy horseradish sauce (the sauce is for the BF, I will leave it off)
Baked Potato
Steamed Broccoli

Sunday: (we will be at a bar watching football most of the day, so dinner is a quick n easy)
Store-bought chicken Raviolis with red sauce

Chicken Stroganoff (will have leftovers for lunch on Tuesday)
Roasted Broccoli w parm cheese

Teriyaki Glazed turkey meatballs (this will also be lunch on Wed and Thurs)
Jasmine Rice
Snap Peas stir fried in a soy sauce/sriracha sauce

Ground beef enchiladas
Mexican rice
No this is not a healthy meal AT ALL, but I try to do one of these every now and then for the BF, since he is such a good sport about eating whatever I cook. And, he needs to GAIN weight. So, on these days I just eat light for lunch and hope for the best haha

Pork chops with a bacon brown sugar glaze
Roasted sweet potatoes with a bit of brown sugar and chili powder

No idea! I don't plan for Fridays because sometimes we go out. If we stay home it's either leftovers or I'll just come up with something with what we have around.

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9/28/12 12:40 P

I try to do this each week. It sure makes grocery shopping so much easier!!

We all have recipes that we depend on that everyone in the family likes. Try to include at least one of those each week. I try to include one new recipe each week too just because I always like to try new things and I love to cook. We grill out at least once or twice a week, year round so I'll grill salmon or chicken or we'll splurge and have steak. I depend on my crockpot too, so at least once a week I fix something in the crock pot - roast, Italian Beef, chili, Parmesan Chicken, etc.

For veggies - we have salad at every single meal. Everyone in the family loves salad and its a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies. I try to fix another veggie side dish too. Green beans and corn are big hits with my kids. I like zucchini and squash so sometimes I'll grill them for myself.

We almost always have leftover so I can pretty much count on at least one meal a week being leftovers. We may all eat something different, but we're still eating leftovers.

We usually eat out at least once a week too. Depending on our schedule we may have pizza one night too but I usually make it homemade. We live in a rural area so we can't just call up Domino's and have it delivered - which is probably a good thing!

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9/23/12 9:32 A

Has anyone meal planned for the week? What are you making for the family? emoticon

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