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BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
10/21/13 7:47 A

Creamy Italian Chicken in Crockpot served over jasmine rice is delicious. This time of year I also love chilis and soups. I freeze leftovers from the crockpot in individual servings in the freezer. They would be great for the fend for yourself nights.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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10/21/13 7:23 A

Dh shops for the week. For the meal planning, he writes up the week's menu on a white board in the kitchen so that everyone is one the same page! He is extremely organized when it comes to cooking!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (565,740)
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10/20/13 2:17 A

I shop for the week. That way I don't have to worry about it during the week. I'm a total planner!!!! LOL!!!!

KPA1B2 Posts: 785
10/19/13 6:30 P

I always plan. This is a "short" week as hubby & son are going to be out of town.

Sunday night, I have a cream cheese chicken crockpot recipe

Monday, chicken of some kind

Tuesday, roast

Wednesday, I won't be home for dinner, so everyone is on their own.

The rest of the week hubby & son are gone. So we'll see what my daughter's work schedule is before I figure out what we're going to eat.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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10/19/13 4:25 P

I like to make fish pockets.Place a piece of fish on foil, add a little olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, some salt, pepper, garlic, onion, a little brown sugar etc, seal it up and bake in the toaster onion. Takes about 20 minutes for 3 to 4 ozs depending on thickness.
Serve with salad. You could also serve over rice.

ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
10/19/13 2:41 P

Chicken with Mango Cucumber Salsa ( I use the salsa over chicken or fish )
Arugula with carrots & avocado
Sautéed broccoli with Orange oil & chili flakes or

Chicken with Spicy Apricot Glaze on a bed of Arugula
Sautéed Zucchini with onion& basil topped with orange oil & 2 Tbs grated Parmesan cheese

Slow Cooker Pork ( rub 1 tablespoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes,1/2 teaspoon kosher or sea salt ) rub pork 1 hr before cooking or the night before refrigerate the meat until ready to cook

If any left overs I make pulled pork sandwiches the next day

Lemon pepper fish on couscous with peas

Baked Cod on on a polenta - pepper bed

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10/19/13 2:19 P

My other consideration is that I rely on my crockpot for most work nights. Monday, I'm thinking pulled pork, tuesday Im thinking salsa chicken, wednesday my kids eat at church, and i eat leftovers or salad. Thursday, I was thinking linguine with a fish, tomato, shrimp sauce, friday it's a fend for yourself, i'm to tired to cook night. Havent' figured out the weekends yet.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
10/19/13 2:11 P

Sounds like we've got similar freezers!

For the coming week, I'm roasting a pork loin and making a sauce of caramelized onions and mushrooms (splash of burgundy, splash of beef broth, some spices), which will be served the first night over a roasted veggie mix (sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, zucchini, and maybe butternut squash) and served with a veggie stir-fry the second night.

I'll be doing some haddock fillets in a skillet with chopped roma tomatoes, onions, a spritz of olive oil, a splash of red wine vinegar, and lots of basil, sage, and oregano and I'll roast some brussels sprouts to go with it.

Chicken breasts will be roasted with spices, and served with left-over stir-fry one night, and added to a veggie/lentil/barley stew the next night.

Chicken thighs will be roasted with spices, sliced, and used as a topping on a cauliflower crust pizza (tomato paste, spices, gruyere cheese, spinach, onions, mushrooms, and whatever else I'm in the mood for will be the other toppings) - this will last for 2 nights.

I haven't decided what order these will be in, but that's my rough plan for the week.

What did you have in mind?

10/19/13 1:57 P

does anyone do meal planning in advance? i do a weekly menu, and grocery shop list. this week I h ave to cook out of the freezer, and am out of ideas to use pork loin, chicken, fish. Any suggestions welcome.

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