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1/19/13 12:57 P

No fasting for me. I feel it is not good for you.

Bernie from Durango, CO

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1/18/13 8:21 P


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1/17/13 9:44 P

i thought so also.i did the la weight loss a couple of years ago, and they also said that not eating the body is holding food because it doesnt know when its going to eat again. thanks for all the inputs. emoticon i'm doing good with just sp and tracking and exercise

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1/17/13 9:59 A



Weight loss is accomplished with the mind.

A person who wants something WILL find a way....a person who doesn't will find an excuse.

Which do you prefer?
The pain of self discipline?....or...the pain of self regret?

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 996
1/17/13 4:46 A

Not healthy at all

1/16/13 10:55 P


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1/16/13 5:31 P

Here's my take on it:
as a person with metabolism issues (hypothyroidism), I have to work out twice as long and diet twice as hard the average person ( emoticon ) to lose weight. I'm a person with an eating disorder and I've spent a some time (I've been "dieting" or preocupied with food since I was 13 years old) working with this issue.

I KNOW fasting FEELS good at the time, there IS reason one eats to lose weight. When you fast, the body shuts down and stops processing because it says "hey, I need to hold onto this food, etc. cuz you're starving me". Sure, you're going to lose some water weight (fast)but, in the long run it doesn't work.

Plus it always made me sick to do this!! Good luck and that's my 2 cents!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,407
1/16/13 3:53 P

Waste of time and not healthy!

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1/16/13 3:27 P

I have done it in the past..for 3 weeks..I did feel some better after and did feel confident after fasting for 3 weeks. Nothing major ..and not a great deal of weight loss though..

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1/16/13 12:58 A

has anyone tried the master cleanse with lemons? been researching it. just trying to get some feedback. thanks

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