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CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,233)
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10/7/12 4:44 P

I grew up in the Sound of Music days. I always think of Maria singing, "Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could...."

It reminds me that I have to go after what I want. I have to work to make it happen.

LIVELAUFLUV Posts: 1,508
10/7/12 3:02 P

I am healthy, I am happy, I am thin!

Donna WNY

Success is an Attitude!

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!

"Look in the mirror....That's
your competition"

" Strive for progress, not perfection"
AGK3112 SparkPoints: (27,979)
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10/7/12 11:43 A

Love yourself first then you will automatically start loving the world

NEWSTARTSPARK SparkPoints: (38,734)
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10/5/12 9:09 P

Do what you need to today so you can do waht you want tomorrow.

KAKONOLADY SparkPoints: (17,041)
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10/5/12 4:16 P

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body" --over and over again!!!

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
by Dr Seuss.
RUKIDDINGME123 SparkPoints: (36,258)
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10/5/12 2:45 P

Stay the course.


"Genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger"

10/5/12 2:33 P

when i walk/run going up the hills is still hard for me (just quit smoking after 18 years last month) i always tell myself "you can do this" and i listen to music one song says "Victory's within the mile Almost there, don't give up now" theres a huge steep hill that no matter what i have to go up it and these things help me just repeating them over and over when i try to run or go up the hills i bet my neighbors think im crazy cause i have in my headphones im sure im talking/singing very loud and dont know it but it helps me and i need all the help i can get now

this is only temporary
CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/5/12 2:04 P

think it depends on time + activity what I choose

AGK3112 SparkPoints: (27,979)
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10/5/12 1:59 P

Do not use "EXCUSES" anymore..

ILOVEMY8 Posts: 160
10/5/12 10:29 A

I need to do this, I want to do this, I choose to do this!

Bert (Roberta)
"Nothing makes you feel better about a bad situation, than a plan to get out of it." - Me
"I CAN do this, I WANT to do this, I CHOOSE to do this!"
"Not try, DO!"
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" - Dory

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SLASALLE SparkPoints: (197,645)
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10/5/12 9:43 A

Mine is "Just do it."

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 50,595
10/5/12 6:50 A

Is it BETTER (less, more, better form, etc. depending on whether it is exercise, eating, or whatever) thank it would have been in the past?

With love and caring from Nancy ... wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed, and precious day.

MARLIESE01 SparkPoints: (18,077)
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10/5/12 6:29 A

Life is about progress not perfection.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,405
10/4/12 11:15 P

My faves are in my signature below....

�We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.�
~ Randy Pausch

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."
~ Art Turock

"We have a saying in Tibet: If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good."
~ 7 Years in T
10/4/12 9:22 P

anyone have a helpful mantra or motivational phrase to share? i use "push it" when i'm on my bike because i always know I can push harder, and I use "you are a machine" when i'm holding a difficult pose in my hot yoga class. What do you say?

"do not reward yourself with are not a dog!"
"find your happy 'pace'"
"genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger"
"No matter how slow you go, your still lapping everybody on the couch"
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