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5/26/09 7:38 P

You may find this SP article on PCOS helpful:

Do see your Primary Care Physician or a specialist (endocrinologist). Many suggest weight loss (if needed), daily exercise and a controlled carbohydrate intake. A referral to see a Registered Dietitian in your area would also be helpful.

The carbohydrate range at SP is 45-65% of ones total calorie intake. Usually about 45% carbs is suggested. So eating at the lower end of your SP carb range, may be helpful. Talk to your doctor about this.

I also send this super foods listing with super healthy food selections to get you started on your new adventure.

Dietitian Becky

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NINAPEA Posts: 527
5/26/09 5:17 P

I am not sure what I said to offend you WANNABEMAMA1, that was certainly not my intention. I do not think you should shun this website just because of me though. This source has helped so many people, and I am sure it could help you too.

Often at times when you ask questions to people on here, you get more information than what you asked for, but just because we are trying to be helpful. This isn't a two way communication, so people just try to cover any answers that may come up. That was all I was trying to do. You are right though, I too do not believe in dieting. If you are eating right (truly right!), then you should not have to count calories and all of that mess. It is then that people will give up because it is just too much work.

I am very sorry for whatever I said to offend you though, and I just really hope you do not lose faith in everybody else here just because of what I said. Again, good luck with everything.

5/26/09 4:57 P

Oh! And you realize that the "DUH!" on my post was meant for ME (as in, "Duh, I forgot to actually respond to what the question was!"), not you.

I'm silly. emoticon

5/26/09 2:56 P

I'm not sure why you're upset by Ninapea's comment. (At least, I assume that's what upset you.) As someone with PCOS, I agree with everything she's said, and she's give you good advice. PCOS is not a curable condition, but it CAN be managed very effectively, and the #1 way to manage it is to reduce your weight.

If you don't want to call it "dieting", that's cool, although you should recognize that if you're changing your eating habits to lose weight, most people are going to think of it as a diet. If it helps you to avoid using the word "diet" yourself, that's great, and whatever works for you is what you should do.

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5/26/09 2:35 P

here's the deal with the mental trip about the word "diet" I am well over 400 pounds (don't know exactly how much I weigh as I can't find a scale but yah... it's that serious) I don't want to go into it all. And I don't see why I should have to to get the simple advice I wanted instead I got what could only barely qualify as help here. This will def be the last time I ask for help here.

NINAPEA Posts: 527
5/26/09 2:15 P

My sister has PCOS and has battled with all of the common issues found in patients with the disorder. You said that you want to cure your PCOS from proper diet and exercise. From what I understand, there has not been one study that proves PCOS is curable at all. I am not sure if your doctor made you believe that you could, or how you came up with that information. I am kind of curious. Having said that, I think it is definitely important that you get the problem under control as much as you possibly can.

I am also curious why you stressed so much that you are not on a diet, but followed up by saying you do want to lose weight. If you are eating foods that are processed now, lots of red meat, junk foods, that type of thing....then you are right, it is just a lifestyle change. I don't believe in crash dieting to try to lose extra weight you are carrying around either. Everyone needs to learn portion control and understand what our bodies should take in throughout a 24 hour period.

I would first recommend you use the SP nutrition tracker. It is a wonderful tool. Any food label in your house you can add in to the calculator and it does all the math for you. There are some things that people never take into account, like sodium level. If you stay away from processed foods though, you should be okay with your sodium intake. A key to doing healthy grocery shopping is for the most part stay around the edge of the grocery store. That is where you will find all of your fresh produce, dairy, meat, and the bakery where breads are made in house, rather than somewhere else with the expectations of a long shelf life, hence added preservatives. Most PCOS patients do have a problem with the digestion of carbohydrates, so you should really try to keep those to your fruits and veggies. I know, it is hard. I love bread and potatoes...I definitely eat them in moderation though.

I really wish you the best of luck and health. I know this is a tough thing to go through, having seen my sister struggle, the key is just to try to keep the symptoms at bay. Though you say you do not want to diet, in changing your eating habits, you are changing your life. Your calorie, fat, carb, sodium, and cholesterol intake is bound to go down if you start eating right, which will (hopefully) in turn make your weight go down and your health go up. I hope this has helped.

5/26/09 2:07 P

DUH - what should be in your cart?

Fresh fruits and veggies (go frozen when/if you need to, but avoid canned = lots of salt)
Ezekiel bread, or other bread without HFCS/added sugars
Egg Beaters, or egg whites
Chicken breasts
Tuna fish, canned salmon, fish of all kinds
Low-fat cuts of pork (loin, etc.)
Kashi or Ezekiel cereal (i.e. no added sugars)
Sugar-free jellies
All-natural peanut butter
Old fashioned or steel-cut oats (not instant/quick)
Fat-free, low calorie yogurt (Activia!)
Low-fat cheeses
Light soymilk or skim milk (but watch the soy intake)
Beans of all types - garbanzo, black, navy, etc.
Natural salsas, or make your own (yum!)
Lowfat cottage cheese
Uncooked wild and brown rice (not instant)
Balsamic vinegar for dressings
Light or Extra-virgin olive oil
Nuts and seeds - almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds

There is so much out there, and once you stop buying processed food, you'll find that your grocery bill remains the same.

Again, good luck.

5/26/09 1:51 P

I second the referral to an endocrinologist.

Also, to start your new lifestyle, you will want to check out the concept of Eating Clean. No processed foods, no refined sugar or flour, lots of lean protein and whole grains, tons of vegetables and some healthy fats. NO calorie counting.

I been Eating Clean for about 6 months now, and I really do feel so much better.

Good luck!

5/26/09 1:51 P

I am just that side of having PCOS. My hormone level is off but only by a small bit. I am not insulin resistant. And I want to keep it that way. I tried going on the pill to control my Endometrial Hyperplasia but it really is too much for me I can't stand to take it (or any other pills) and to think that I would need help having babies just kills me so id rather do it the hard way and lose weight. I need the basics of a shopping list. What should always be in my kitchen? What should I buy today? I always keep 100% whole wheat bread, and I am switching to silk rather than vitamin d milk but what else? we eat fruit as snacks, drink 100% juice rather than soda... I just don't know what else to buy.. I was raised on fried foods and pre packaged stuff so im at a loss now.

5/26/09 12:35 P

Have you seen an endocrinologist? Many women with PCOS tend to be insulin resistant, and respond well to a low-carb diet. So right, steer clear of candy bars and cookies, but you should think of white bread, white rice, and pasta in the same way as you think of a candy bar, in terms of what it does to your body.

I have a hard time keeping my carbs low, since I'm a vegetarian, but I have had some success sticking to whole grains and produce for the majority of my carb intake.

5/26/09 12:03 P

Hi this is... maybe the first time iv posted here. I have PCOS and am trying to make a life style change. I AM NOT on a diet. I am making a change that's all so I need to learn how to shop for food. I want to start losing weight and hopefully cure my pcos through proper diet and exercise. So should I buy carbs, should I eat red meat what? What should I be eating? I mean duh no candy bars and cookies but .... this healthy stuff seems to be like rocket science lol

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