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5/15/14 2:00 P

I agree with the 2 prior posters that you should check with your provider before starting any exercise plan.

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5/15/14 1:58 P


Since no one here on SP knows anything about you or your medical history, none of us can tell you what exercises you should be doing. That's something you need to discuss with your doctor.

What causes lower back pain ? There are a lot of different possible causes. Depending on what the cause of your lower back pain is, anything we recommend could make your lower back pain much worse.

What exercises could you do ? For some people, lower back pain has been reduced with strength training. Many times, lower back pain can be linked to weak back muscles. Is this your problem ? We don't know.

Which is why it's important to talk to your doctor before you try any exercises. They may suggest physical therapy.

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5/15/14 1:31 P

you should get a diagnosis from a doctor before starting any exercise.

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5/15/14 1:27 P

what is the best exercises for lower back pain. I have lower back pain and nothing seems to help but laying down.

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