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But, low waist circumference is a great thing. Getting there little by little. Then the pant style won't matter so much. I'll never wear the really low cut hip huggers. I just don't think they are attractive.

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9/9/12 10:54 P

Re: slacks (if, indeed, that was your intended reference) - a lot of it is trying on LOTS of different cuts and products. Keep trying!

Let your favorite companies know that you're unhappy with their offerings. Write a letter. Nothing will change right away but it does help to voice the problem that so many women experience with current styles.

9/2/12 9:42 P

If your talking about pants I buy the one that fits just below the waist or right at the belly button and they work so much better than the ones that cinch me in with a tight waist. I think they are great!!!!!! But the lower ones are awful as sometimes too much hangs out if ya know what I mean. LOL

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