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9/12/09 4:19 A

I would think 300 mg would be as good as you can get for what you are looking for.

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8/12/09 6:23 P

I am on a quest for a low sodium (or hopefully salt-free) smoked salmon.

The best I could find online was 300 mg/ 2oz (still doable but kind of high for my preference).

Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke says their salmon is "low sodium" but salt is added and they do not list nutritional values

I know that salt is used as curative in smoking (to dehydrate the fish). Do I have any hope in finding my holy grail other that buying a smoker and doing it myself?

I love the stuff, it has about 150 cals per 4oz, but I cannot justify the Sodium at this point

Any ideas (esp. on line markets) will be highly appreciated and you would automatically be elevated to a personal hero status


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