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12/24/10 1:09 P

My wife is unemployed and I am disabitiy. We are working with the food we have. We are make it work.

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12/23/10 10:11 P

It sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed and that is understandable. It was suggested you consult with a dietician because they work with these dietary restrictions so much it is really simple for them and would allow you to focus your energy on other things. If the dietician was not helpful, try again. They should be able to set you up with a month of mealplans while you get used to the new way of eating. Good luck to you. It will get easier!

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12/23/10 9:24 P

I know that about vitamin K have seen the dietian

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12/22/10 6:15 P

I think you mean "warfarin." If you search with that spelling, you'll find information about what foods are high in Vitamin K. The reason you need to avoid vitamin K is that it has the opposite effect to warfarin-- vitamin K helps blood clot, warfarin stops it from clotting.

Your doctor should refer your husband to a registered dietitian and/or a coumadin/warfarin specialist. It's a common medication, and there are people who are trained to help you balance the medication and the diet. My dad is on warfarin, and his doctor works with him every year to increase the dosage in summer when he eats lots of greens and back off of it in the winter when he's getting less vitamin K. It's not so much that you have to avoid vitamin K, but you do have to eat roughly the same amount all the time.

If your doctor didn't give you the referral to a dietitian, call back and make them give it to you. Be pushy if you have to. With the combination of reduced sodium and restricted liquid, it sounds like your husband has kidney problems? If that's the case, you need help from a professional who knows his whole medical situation. Let the dietitian's head go nuts instead of yours.

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12/22/10 11:12 A

Has your husband met with a registered dietitian? If not, I'd ask his doctor for a referral to see one. That person can create a meal plan specific to his needs.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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12/22/10 10:38 A

I set up with sparkpeople for my husband because he is on low sodium, restricted liquid, wayfarin diet.
The wayfarin part is the vitamin K is blood clotter.
So my head is about to go nuts.

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