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Low-Glycemic Index Baked Goods?

A contradiction in terms?



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10/16/12 9:22 A

If you choose to eat lower carb and high fiber foods, you eat low glycemic index foods. A great majority of natural whole foods are low glycemic foods. Nearly all vegetables with a only a few exceptions like potatoes are low glycemic. Most fruits are also low glycemic, with the exception of may be grapes and watermelon.

They help you control your hunger. However, it is not enough to eat only low glycemic foods, you need to eat generally a balanced diet with portion control. You need to track everything you eat and make sure that you stay at a caloric deficiency if you want to lose fat. Exercise will help, so you would like to introduce exercise gradually.

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10/16/12 7:11 A

This might help.Basically with a low glycemic diet, you want to keep your blood sugars stable. Same concept as a low carb diet. You need some carbs to keep your blood sugars from reaching the bottom, and causing hunger, but too much, and you body produces insulin, and stores the excess glucose as body fat ( triglyceride ). You want to stay in the 80-120 range. This is also the basis for the 6 small meals idea.. small spikes throughout the day.

Being hungry, OR being stuffed, is never a good idea. I tend to avoid the HIGH glycemic foods. Most of the low glycemic foods are basic to every diet with differing amounts. Meat eggs, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, fibrous fruits, healthy fats etc.

In my opinion low glycemic is just a more palatable way to say moderate carb. Use the Index to just eat healthier carbs. Have green beans instead of a bagel, for example. The Glycemic Index is best used as a guide, instead of as a complete diet. Simple changes like picking apples and berries, over watermelon, or limiting pasta, bread, potatoes, and corn can make a difference.

I applaud your efforts to get more info, before jumping into a different way of eating. Hope you find a plan that works for you.

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Here's an article you might find helpful:

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Can someone explain this better? and possibly tell me a few foods I can eat?
I googled and read a lil but I still dont really understand it. I am not diabetic. I have pcos and heard this was a better way to lose weight.

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