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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/14/13 11:46 A

cheese, fruit ( I like raspberries and whipped cream ), nuts, vegetable sticks, like carrots/celery/green pepper strips dipped in mayo.

I also like tomato salad. Cut up some tomatoes, and add a T mayo, and some garlic.. then stir. The garlic makes it tangy, and the juice of the tomato mixes with the mayo, and turns creamy. Sounds kind of icky, but is pretty tasty.

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7/13/13 5:58 P

15 carb: Low Sodium V8 Juice.... Healthy Choice Fudgescicles.... 1/4 avocado....

other ideas....Soy Nuts.... Shrimp...Cottage Cheese... Hard Cheeses(if you can do the bit of Sat Fat...)

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7/13/13 4:26 P

i like to take a few leaves of romaine and wrap each with a slice of deli turkey. Sometimes I'll dip in Ken's light honey mustard (not sure about the carbs in is sweet but at such a small amount there might not be a ton?), but it's good without too :)

hard boiled eggs, and deviled eggs as a treat...

MEGHAN1984 SparkPoints: (33)
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7/13/13 4:19 P

My go-tos:

Melt down some blueberries and add it to cottage cheese or greek yogurt

Halo Top ice cream (think its new and hard to find though, I got it in Sprouts)

Protein shake with stevia, cocoa powder, and tons of strawberries

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
7/13/13 3:36 P

Pumpkin seeds, eggs, meat, butter.... veggies with hummus or ranch...


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AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
7/13/13 3:35 P

great ideas! Thanks!!

FROGMAN2013 SparkPoints: (1,747)
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7/13/13 2:23 P

MicheleXXXX, I think I am in love. Bacon as a snack!

Anyway, nuts or cheese with veggies are good snacks for me. Be careful about these, however. Some nuts are very low in carbs (almonds) and while some are moderate (peanuts, walnuts, pecans) and others are actually a bit carby (cashews). They are still all low compared to more truly carby things, but still something to notice. The same with cheeses, some are very low carb while others are kind of sugary.

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MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (125,678)
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7/13/13 2:15 P

I happen to love nuts and beef jerky.

MUGSYCAT Posts: 56
7/13/13 12:45 P

I eat almonds/cashews (10 or so), natural peanut butter on celery (lower salt and calories), cheese and salami (if I can afford the calories), cherry tomatoes (sometimes with vinaigrette), a mini portion of chopped chicken in curry mayo, etc. As long as you build your daily counts with the snacks in mind you can pretty much have whatever you want. I sometimes take a 2-3 bite serving of whatever I had for dinner the night before as a snack. It "fills" the need for a snack, but I know it is "legal" and can account for the serving size, content, etc.

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MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (8,838)
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7/13/13 12:27 P

kale chips
raw veggies
baby pickles
turkey pinwheels
tuna balls
mini muffin quiche
mushroom caps
sugar free popsicle
celery cream cheese boats

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AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
7/13/13 10:55 A

Hi I am trying to reduce the amount of carbs I eat. Not really doing low card diet just watching my carbs. Anyone have quick low carb snacks? I do eggs and string cheese that I know for sure and salad. More ideas would be great!

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