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1/1/13 6:40 P

BULLDOZER54 - below is a link to an excellent article that you should read before you make any changes:


1/1/13 2:38 P

Cutting the amount of carbs you consume can be good to a point. Your brain works exclusively on carbs so if you're getting too few then your brain is not getting its fuel which can lead to more harm than good. If you want to reduce your carb intake I highly recommend following a diabetic diet. It's a great lifestyle to have and it does not require one to be diabetic to enjoy its benefits. Carbs are kind of a sticky topic because too many carbs turns into sugar and fat while too few carbs severely hinders one's mental cognition. Most importantly, follow your food tracker. Sparkpeople knows what you need so trust them. : )

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1/1/13 1:39 P

Protein Power is excellent, also.

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1/1/13 12:07 P

i loved south beach! a lot of diabetic websites have good stuff about it too!

1/1/13 11:38 A

I am interested in a low carb diet but need more information. Any reccommendations for books/other resources?

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12/5/12 10:16 A

Welcome, OHTORIDEAGAIN, and good luck to you on your low glycemic eating plan. Right now I'm just trying to keep it simple as possible, and eat only certain foods that are no carb or low carb, because I'm trying to survive the holidays without weight gain.

I found a crustless pumpkin cheesecake recipe that I made for Thanksgiving, and it was delicious. I also made my own low-carb egg nog, which I drink when the rest of my family is drinking store-bought super sugared egg nog. It's actually quite good.

Once I get through the holidays, then I'll branch out to other foods, but except for Christmas, the rest of the time I'm keeping it simple and just eating meat, salad, eggs, greens, small amounts of cheese.

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12/4/12 10:20 P

My doctor who is a holistic/MD, had me buy "The low glycemic load" eating plan book. Way different then the low glycemic index eating plan. I am now off my diabetic medicine, no more high blood pressure and I have gone from 365 to 334 with no effort. Now, I want to kick it up a notch and add exercise and really start losing. I lost that 31 pounds in about six months and like I said with very little effort on my part except the eating plan. I am so glad I found this thread.

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11/14/12 11:27 A

Unfortunately, you can't educate someone who doesn't want to hear it.

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11/14/12 8:15 A

It's true that more people need to be educated about the LC lifestyle, including doctors and many so-called experts who repeat what others say without testing it out.

I've also noticed that many people focus too much on what they shouldn't eat, and not enough on what they can eat. I can enjoy devilled eggs with real mayonaise and spanish olive slices on top! I can have real cream in my coffee! I can eat over 2000 calories a day and still lose weight! I can eat until I'm full and not be hungry anymore!

It's difficult at first to make the change, but by using a little creativity and determination, you can bring yourself back to good health and enjoy eating again. Everything is hard at first, but once you practice, practice, practice, it becomes second nature.

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11/13/12 7:15 P

You are correct about Low Carb Eating being around for centureis..There was a paper written by William Banting called "A Letter on Corpulence". It outlines his weight liss on a low carb diet.
We need to keep educating people so they follow a LC diet correctly as well.

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11/9/12 4:29 P

You are so right, Mama CD--there are a lot of misconceptions about the low carb lifestyle; and I am sooooo tired of the so-called "experts" referring to the low carb lifestyle as a "fad" diet. It is not a fad; it's been around for centuries, and it works. A really good book is "Protein Power," which explains how eskimos live on almost no carbs during the winter, and they are healthier than most Americans, and do not suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., the way we do. Cave men lived on a low carb diet--they hunted for food and ate a lot of meat and fish, and archeologists found them to be a lot healther than the Egyptians, who lived on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and a little protein. The Egyptians had more tooth decay, heart disease, etc., than cave men who lived primarily on meat. So why is their diet touted as the healthiest diet when it has not proved to be so? Everybody is different, of course, and some people can live on 1200 calories a day eating grains and fruits and veggies and lean meat; but I was always starving on that plan. Now I can eat 2000 calories and still lose weight, as long as I stay away from sugar, wheat, potatoes, pastas, and rice.

I substitute vegetables for pasta; I substitute cauliflower or rutabagas for potatoes; I use Stevia or Splenda, and I use heavy cream or half and half or carb countdown instead of regular milk. It's not that I can never ever have any carbs; I just have to eat them sparingly, on special occasions. There are a lot of creative ways to substitute low carb alternatives for regular carbs. It can be challenging, but I am not going around hungry with headaches anymore, and I have more energy, and don't need to sleep as much, so it adds more time to my day.

What's really funny is that I eat much more fat and cholesterol than I ever did, and my cholesterol and blood pressure have gone down. The high carb low fat diet was torture, and it never worked for me. I always felt like a miserable failure. Now eating is enjoyable again--I can eat devilled eggs, or any kind of eggs, cheese, bacon, sausages, ham, stir-fried asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant, green beans, etc., until I'm actually satisfied. I eat lots of vegetables; I just try to steer toward the less starchy ones. When I don't feel like eating meat, I drink a protein shake--Jay Robb's whey proteing or egg white protein shakes are great. Also, I use Protein Power Crunch bars for meals on the run. They have 14 grams of protein and about 10 grams of carbs, so I use them to replace a meal, or as a special treat as long as it doesn't put me over my carb count for the day.

The induction phase is the only time you really cut your carbs to the minimum, but that's for when you need to cleanse your body of carbs or seriously lose some weight. The more carbs you have, of course, the slower your weight loss. The dangerous thing about carbs is that they are addictive, for me at least. The more I eat, the more I want to eat. Carbs keep me hungry, and cause me to crave them, whereas once I cleanse my body of most unhealthy carbs and stick to low carb eating, those cravings disappear.

So, for any of you who can't seem to lose weight on the low fat or low calorie diet you're on, you should really pick up a copy of Protein Power and read it with an open mind.

BTW, Mama CD--Did you know you can make your own low-carb ice cream--there are recipes--so when you feel stressed out and treat yourself, you don't have to feel guilty later. Or you can make sugar free pudding and freeze it--I like that, too.

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8/10/12 6:50 P

There is a lot of misconception about Low Carb Lifestyles. It may not be for everyone but it seems to work well for some. First of all, low carb is NOT NO CARB, it includes all three macronutrients, carbs (primarily in the form of vegetables), fats (not trans fats), and protein.
I've been doing Atkins most of the time since January 2006. I lost over 100lbs and have kept almost all of that off. When I stop paying attention to what I eat I start to overeat carbs, occasionally I crave carbs (mostly during emotional turmoil), by craving, I mean the junk stuff, and occasionally I eat it, but then go back on low carb.

When I eat low carb I can eat about 2000 calories, when I don't but I eat low calorie I can eat about 1200 calories to maintain my weight and that is with the same exercise level.

An interesting thing I discovered about myself is that when I'm upset over something or stressed, I crave icecream. Just recently when I experienced a craving for icecream, I remembered that my mother, when she was upset with my dad would go for a walk to Dairy Queen and have an icecream. I learned that behaviour when I was just a baby, over 50yrs ago, and interestingly I would do the same as an adult, except that I recognize when I crave icecream the root of the craving is that I am upset over something.

Yes, I would like to see low carb menus as well on Sparkpeople and more research included on low carb lifestyles. I am thank-ful for the low-carb recipe section, I access it often and there are some great ideas. Thanks to all of those who have contributed!

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8/10/12 12:56 P

The best thing I ever did for my diabetes (I am diabetic 24 years now) is low carb lifestyle. Every time I come off low carb and ate reasonable I get sicker and sicker and always end up on medication again and usually increased. Then I get back on track with low carb and the doctor pulls me off the medication. My energy returns, the side effects leave (headaches, leg pain, getting up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. I have tried to dieticians, weight watchers and other diets that allow for the recommended daily allowance of carbs only to get sick, sleepy and back on meds. I think that each person needs to find their proper carb intake. I know mine is between 30 - 50 per day. It is good to see how others are finding low carb and less carb working for them.

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8/5/12 11:13 A

I have heard that low carb/high protein diets are especially bad for women. I was such a diet 10 years ago and lost a massive amount of weight, but suffered heart issues afterward. I also gained back more than I lost when I went off that (Atkins) diet. I am using SparkPeople to keep my protein and carbs in balance. I don't want to eat too many carbs or too much protein, so I record everything I eat here. I am also now a vegan, so it is much harder to find protein substitutes I like. Balance is the thing here. Weight loss will happen slowly, that way it will stay off. I also have low blood sugar, so I have to nibble on something almost all the time. I choose nuts like almonds or pistachios and eat one every 10 minutes. This seems to keep my blood sugar in check and keeps me from getting headaches. I also drink one gallon of water daily.

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8/5/12 1:33 A

How about less not low carbs and none in the day's last meal? I mean, I'm sleeping right? I'm not an aggressive exerciser. What do I need carbs for overnight if I will be eating them first thing in the morning again?

It all confuses me, so I try to be healthier than I was yesterday.

Moderation is the key to better results.

Good luck!

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8/3/12 11:07 P

I like your perspective on season diets! Thanks for sharing. I am using Atkins as a guide to lower my carb intake for one week (discipline) then I will be on to a Jenny Craig diet.

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7/29/12 4:32 P

i think the carbs they are saying no to doing is bread, chips, white flour and all the other bad ones.

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7/29/12 4:29 A

hi all,

I read some articles about low carb diet. I was really interested in this type of diet, but after I googled it, I have realized that the intake carb (simple and complex) should be around 100-150 mg each day.
as you know, we are in summer and there are a lot of fruits that we can eat, like apricots, peaches, apples, watermelon, honey melon, pear, red sour cherries, plums, ...
this fruits drive me crazy, and I can eat more than 7 serving of fruit each day.
in my opinion this diet is good for autumn and winter.

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7/28/12 10:26 P

Great post SALON KITTY! I re-started a low carb diet last week, and read several articles about how the addition of eating fat is key to being successful on a low carb diet. We need that extra caloric intake to have enough energy for the day! I have been eating plenty of eggs and avocados with my meals and am always satisfied.

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7/24/12 3:48 P

I'm also on a low carb diet--I eat between 30-50g carbohydrates per day. I follow the paleo or primal ways of eating. I work out 6 days per week, including 3 days of strength training sessions and one day of HIIT. I am NOT lacking energy or the drive to get through my workouts.

Before I put on over 100 lbs, I was quite athletic, and a serious weight lifter/gym rat type. So I know how to work out at a pretty intense level, and I really like to do so.

Just previous to my paleo/primal journey, I was eating a low carb and low fat diet. All healthy foods...however I was still eating a small amount of grains and sugar here and there. I lost 70 was very difficult though, and during that period I had NO energy for the gym beyond my two weekly HIIT sessions and 45 mins of cardio on the other four days. I could not strength train in the manner I like to, as I just didn't have the energy or the motivation to do so. I went home and ate, and sat around aching and in a horrible mood. I didn't know why. I was supplementing with various oils and all sorts of vitamins. My diet was pretty monotonous and I was constantly craving carbs and sugar, as well as fighting hunger pangs. I was following the "rules", counting calories and all that. I was losing about a pound a week, and like I said, it was a huge struggle.

I gained back 40 of those 70 lost pounds.

I have since got over my fear of fat and am eating lots of it now. I have absolutely NO cravings for sugar or carbs, am not hungry between meals, and am making my caloric goals easily. I'm also losing weight at a rate I've never achieved before--2lbs per week. That might not sound terribly sexy to you, but it's pretty fantastic in my eyes!

When I ate the "balanced" diet (this was before I did the low carb/low fat thing), I would lose very slowly and regain it, and that is while diligently counting calories and working out 6 days per week in the way I am accustomed to. I tried all sorts of different diets, including Jenny Craig, tried shifting macronutrients, calorie cycling, you name it, I probably tried it, and it just never worked for me. The calories in/calories out line is dishonest, as is the line about all calories being equal.

I love bread and all those other inferior carbs as well...what I don't love is the way they make me feel and what they do to my body. I don't like battling the cravings those sorts of foods bring on, I don't like the bloating I experienced, I don't like the brain fog...none of it. Yes, I am sensitive to gluten. So for me, it's more important to feel good than to eat the old carbs I craved.

I've replaced all my old favourite carbs with mostly veggies, and some low glycemic fruits. There is nothing remotely unhealthy about that, and I'm certainly not anywhere near death or unable to get through my workouts. On the contrary, I have energy to get through my workouts as well as the rest of my day without naps, without feeling tired or deprived of something, and without feeling like my brain is in a fog. My mood is great, my skin is amazing, and I feel better than ever. I don't need to eat 6 times per day, either, which I appreciate.

So yes, I support you in your low carb journey, as do many of us here. I'll second the recommendation of joining up with the low carb teams here on SP, of which there are many! I've found the people on the teams I've joined to be very supportive and very knowledgeable.

Then again, all of this could work so well for me because I am one of those inhuman Natives.

Best wishes to you!

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7/24/12 1:39 P

I've heard about the book, but not read it. My problem isn't that I think wheat is necessary or desirable, but I love sourdough bread. It is a horrible temptation.

IRIE_KEY Posts: 1,261
7/24/12 1:23 P

Have you investigated Dr. Davis' book Wheat Belly? It doesn't eliminate all carbs,but does eliminate wheat from the diet.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
7/23/12 1:18 P

I hear you. I spend half my time at my mother's house, and she pretty much lives on carbs. I have way more slip-ups than I'd like, and hence tend to lose very slowly (about 15 pounds since the New Year). Still, I'm doing better than I was, and my blood sugar has improved, so I'll keep plugging away.

I think I need some some kind of reward when I resist a temptation. It's especially hard when the fruit is perfect, want to eat tons of it.

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7/23/12 12:50 P

Well from Feb. to about May 1 I lost 30 pounds pretty darn quick. Then I took a couple month break off low carb but not my workouts. I did not gain an ounce.... I started at 289 now I am about 257 so I am trying to lost the next 30 in the next 3 months. It is just a little harder this go round! Sad... the 30 I lost before was the baby weight this 30 is weight I have been carrying about 6 years maybe it is happier on my body haha...

I am being strict and dedicated now I feel the weight loss is starting to move again. Now if I could resist any number of things I feed my son I would be much better off but I am having trouble with that... some days I win some I don't!

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
7/23/12 12:29 P

Sounds reasonable for low carb, I like a little more variety in my veggies. Definitely keep the cookies out of the house, or come up with a way to resist them.

How's it working for you?

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7/23/12 11:32 A

And a sample daily menu is

Breakfast never changes... But some days I eat before I workout others I eat after my am workout:
3 eggs 2 bacon cooked in a little butter with a slice of American cheese.

Bison patty ground 4oz, 1 slice American cheese, a bit of mushrooms/onions sautéed in the pan with it. Sometimes I put it between lettuce leaves with some mayo.

Some sort of meat chicken, bison, prime rib, park butt, maybe a bowl of greens or spinach with some olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Where I go wrong is almost always after dinner I have a few of my sons cookies. Animal cookies usually. It ends up being an additional 19 or so carbs. I am not buying anything I like for him anymore. So this week I'm being more strict. And I'm working out two times a day on the days I have energy for it...

Anyone have any wisdom for me???

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
7/15/12 3:45 P

Ma2Cinni, there are many resources out there on the different ways to lower carbs. I've always been an Atkins fan, but people have had good success on South beach, paleo. Stop by one of the low carb teams, we're happy to share our experiences.

I strongly recommend you read a book or two on it, to get an understanding of what works and why. Other than that, you can go pretty low carb just by cutting out bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. Just have veggies for side dishes, and a moderate amount of fruit for dessert.

Really recommend the reading tho'.

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7/15/12 12:31 P

I am looking for a low carb diet. I don't know why I make it so hard on myself to figure out this diet. Any hints suggestions? emoticon

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,867
7/13/12 12:27 P

South Beach isn't low-carb. It's a well-balanced healthy eating plan based on good fats and good carbs. Ph 2 (the weight loss phase) is good for diabetics. I’ve been successful on it since 2003. I like it because it tells you what type of food (protein, starch, etc) to eat and when . I almost didn't start it because one "rule" is eating 1/2 cup veggies in the morning, plus 2 cups at lunch and dinner. Then I didn't like a lot of veggies. I learned because I was tired of my body. Now I love most veggies. At 61 I have boundless energy, stamina and strength. I’m sure it’s because of South Beach. There's an active team on this site, South Beach Diet (aka Healthy Lifestyle) Spark team. For some reason the link I can't link it on this page. The leader is a success story. You can be one too!

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GAMELISSA Posts: 396
7/12/12 3:40 P

I have lost about 75 pounds on Atkins, and that is the only way that I eat. First, atkins is a low carb NOT NO CARB way of eating (your carbs come from vegies, nuts and berries). I personally am very sensitive to bread\biscuits so I have eliminated them from my lifestyle. Like any other diet\way of living if you go back to eating bad, you will gain the weight back.

I belong to the low-carb and atkins spark team. Come check it out!

7/10/12 10:16 P

I am doing lower carb diet have been for 3 weeks.Taking in 25 - 40 carb g per day . Have lost 12 lbs. I am also doing water aerobics for 1 hr 4 days a week. I feel so much better. On 4th of July invited friends over so I indulged with baked potato, corn on cob , garlic bread and peach cobbler. Wow I could tell I had all those carbs, I felt like I had a hangover, woozie within 20 min after eating, then felt like I took a sleeping pill. Won't do that again. I was doing Weight Watchers from Feb - May lost 20 lbs. I get tired of the diets and stop loosing so I switched to modified Atkins, one year I lost 75 lbs on South Beach over 8 month period. Then gained most back. For me changing plans around works for loosing, but after loosing it's hard to stay there. I also thing having one splurge day a week helps me.

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5/15/12 3:24 P

Kendylln: My regular dr just wants me to lose the weight and lower my cholesterol, and the nutritionist told us that whatever my diabetic husband needs for him is ok for me. (I took lipitor for a short time and it gave me symptoms similar to dementia, so I don't take it.) So--I have to lower my cholesterol and lose the weight pretty quick. I also changed my depression meds to lower the dose, and switched to another med for gurd. All that has helped me return to being me--my husband is very grateful for that. I feel like doing things now!
Hubby is convinced that he needs very few carbs, so as long as he monitors 2x a day I am satisfied. Thank you for your input!! Support helps more than you know.

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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
5/15/12 3:06 P

Ahhtist, I don't know what steps you're taking to lower your protein, but low carb should be possible. Just replace the carb calories with fat calories. Don't eat more meat, eat fattier meat. Use full fat dressing on your salads.

Your cholesterol will thank you.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
5/15/12 3:02 P

Lilliputianna, perhaps you think the Aleutians aren't quite human? After all, they survived perfectly well with no carbs, yet you insist humans need carbs.

There are essential amino acids. There are essential fats. There are no essential carbs.

Guess what? Pork is a great substitute for whale meat.

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5/15/12 3:00 P

Just curious AHHTIST, but did your doctors recommend the low-carb diet or is that self-prescribed? Because if they want you to eat less protein for medical reasons, I'm pretty sure a low-carb diet isn't for you. I would suggest talking to your doc about it further, or getting referred to a dietician. Just my non-expert opinion.

AHHTIST SparkPoints: (1,839)
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5/15/12 2:46 P

It is confusing--I also lost a kidney, so they wanted me to reduce the protein a lot. I just want to get rid of the weight and not feel so wiped out doing it! I'm sticking to it today. My calories are not supposed to exceed 1200 or so--do you still watch calories when you low carb?

5/15/12 2:42 P

"You could eat absolutely no carbs and be perfectly healthy."

No. Actually you can't. That's like saying you can go without eating protein and be perfectly healthy. I am an Anthropologist by training, and the whole "Paleo" diet drives me absolutely insane. The myth that our ancestors were high protein and low carb is not based on science at all. Our ancestors were grazers, and opportunistic scavengers...and only rarely meat eaters.

There are exceptions of course. The indigenous people of the Aleutian Islands. They existed almost exclusively on nutrient dense seal and whale meat. So, if you want to exist off of seal and whale meat...good luck to you.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
5/15/12 1:19 P

Most people find low carb easier for losing weight. Some people suffer "Atkins flu" for several days when they cut off carbs, just their body getting used to burning fat rather than sugar. It generally vanishes after a few days.

The other thing is to make sure you're getting enough calories. People who aren't following a particular program sometimes try to do low carb and low fat, which just doesn't give them enough calories. Since you don't want to eat excessive protein, those calories you're not getting from carbs need to come from fat. "Eat fat to lose fat" sounds odd after all the low fat messages you've heard, but veteran low carbers know it works.

AHHTIST SparkPoints: (1,839)
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5/15/12 12:41 P

I read an article that describes a study in which the surprising results were that people who just did low carb (less than 50g) for 2 days a week had better results losing weight with no other changes, and that the researchers were very surprised. These people were trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, but the pounds were not coming off. I can relate! I take a lot of meds--hbp, thyroid, allergy, gurd and depression meds, and I know they make it harder to lose the weight even with exercise. I'm trying the low carb for today--and I am very tired. I did have my green smoothie this am, and scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon for lunch, plus some almonds. I had my coffee this am, too, but I'm thinking about getting another cup just to keep awake! Anyone have any ideas about this? Some of the lowcarb sites tell you that fruit and veggies except for the starchy ones have a zero impact on carb count because they have so much fiber--others say to avoid too many fruits. I'm confused.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
3/1/12 7:47 P

And how many people eat a low fat, low calorie diet, lose 30 pounds and gain it back with interest when they stop? Anyone who goes back to how they were eating before they decided to lose weight will gain it back. That's how they got there in the first place.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
3/1/12 7:44 P

The only real danger of low carb to a diabetic is to someone who takes insulin and does not adjust it down when low carbing. Then they can get an unsafe drop in blood sugar. Monitoring is necessary.

For a non-insulin dependent Type 2 diabetic, low carb is probably the best way to get blood sugar back into normal ranges. Yes, your brain likes carbs. Uses about 100 g/day. My understanding is that it can also use ketones. And your body will make any carbs you really need. You could eat absolutely no carbs and be perfectly healthy.

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3/1/12 4:13 P

The problem with fad elimination diets is that even though they may show a short-term improvement, they don't always result in lifestyle changes that result in maintenance and healthy weight changes. How many of us hear about people who do atkins, lose 30 lbs, then immediately gain it back?

Eliminating carbs from your diet may eliminate the immediate issue of overeating (note, maybe, you can overeat on ANY diet) but it isn't going to teach you how to control those carbs, and if you want to exercise regularly, you're going to shortchange yourself because your body needs carbs to power those workouts.

Carbs are not the enemy. They're not evil, and your body actually really does need them. Ever heard of carbo loading? It's a technique runners and other athletes use to "tank up" on energy before a big race, so they have enough energy stores to get them through. Without that boost, they may not have enough energy to finish the race!

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3/1/12 3:26 P

If you're trying to cut back on carbs, try the diabetic plan on sparkpeople instead of the normal one. It recommends less carbs, but isn't necessarily low carb. :D

I tried atkins, and while I lost 20 pounds, I gained it back as soon as I introduced carbs back in to my diet because my body is so sensitive to them. Now I've learned to lose weight while maintaining a healthy balance. It's a heck of a lot slower, for sure, but it's actually a lifestyle change, so it's easy to maintain the weight loss. I've heard people say that a million times, but never actually understood it til going through it myself!

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3/1/12 11:17 A

I agree totally with Nancy on this issue and especially if people have diabetes it can get dangerous low carbing- Like with exercise if the brain goes sugar cold people can get very ill and worse. The link to that page is middle of the road safe advice..

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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/1/12 11:07 A

I can't address whether low carb is right for you. I can say it's been miraculous for me. I was put on a low carb diet by my endocrinologist, who I trust to have more expertise into normal metabolic function than any nutritionist or governmental advice. Most of his patients are diabetics (which I'm not) or others with metabolic disease(s). The totally unexpected "side effect" of the "diet" is how much better I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. My health has literally turned around. I have other issues that limit the extent to which I can enjoy those benefits, but I'm overjoyed with the success I've had.

The thing you have to keep in mind that low carb is NOT a "diet". It's a change in lifestyle, and if you have any notion of stopping at the end of your weight loss journey, it's not going to benefit you, and returning to the SAD is going to return you right back to the point where you started. Or worse.

I can attest personally to the fact that it works -- at least for me, and for many others who have adopted it. I started at nearly 400 pounds, and I've lost 150+ of that. I still have plenty left to go, but I'm confident I will achieve it, albeit at a lower rate than I initially experienced.

If you want to hear from others who have had success, and from those still working at it, check out the great teams here on SP. There are lots of them, and while some of them promote one plan over another, most of the low carb "diets" have very similar basics. There's an Atkins team, Ancestral Health, low-carb for those with "X" amount to lose, or for mature dieters ... search the teams by low carb. I think you'll find a lot of groups. They're all full of great advice, experience, and support. And plenty who are searching and learning.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
2/25/12 11:35 A

I personally have tried Atkins....I was able to lose about 20 pounds, but the thing is, I couldn't maintain it, and then I found myself at 330 pounds. You can definitely do Atkins if you feel that it's going to help you, but do keep in mind that once you start eating 'normal' again, you may find yourself disappointed by what happens.

MBHRD27 SparkPoints: (3,051)
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2/25/12 9:43 A

I knew a guy that was really overweight and he did the low carb diet and alot of strenght training and how he is very it works but u have to stick to it, eat all of the right foods not just greasy meats, and make sure you are working out. I did it when I was in highschool and lost 15 in two weeks but gained it back. I haven't been able to do it since

LITTLE1DER Posts: 934
2/24/12 5:05 P

BratJay if you go under the Community tab and pick Spark Teams and search Atkins there are several groups/teams that follow low-card and specific diets like south beach, Atkins and slimgenics. I have found a lot of support from these board, while trying to cut back my carb intake.
Good luck!

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2/24/12 4:42 P

Hi BratJay,

Low carb diets are not the mainstay for those looking at incorporating exercise/activity into his/her lifestyle. The reason, when you workout your body needs carbs, not just to get you through your workout, but to supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately with the paleo shift, the low carb trend is once again coming up.

Below is a link to a SparkPeople article, with other links on the regarding healthy and balanced meal plans.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

BRATJAY1988 Posts: 15
2/24/12 4:38 P

Is there anyone doing either atkins or south beach? I wish that Sparks people had a menu for low carb dieters like me :-( does anyone know the best websites to find advice, recipes and ideas? I have read both atkins and south beach books and I have been on atkins before with good results but I miss popcorn lol any advice/help would be greatly appreciated

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