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1/29/14 4:22 P


any cookbook suggestions?

and I just recently found a good sauce to make thats thick for meat. coconnut oil and sunflower butter warmed up. mix a small spoon full of barbeque sauce. sounds disgusting, it makes a really yummy, thick brown gravy kind of sauce.

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1/29/14 11:07 A

There are a 1000 cultures out there that put a healthy mix of basic ingredients on rice or noodles and chow down. My advice would be to explore spices to recreate these and then just leave out the rice or pasta (or put them over your favorite meat/veggie. Travel the world without ever leaving your kitchen, my friend.

India, South America, Central America, Africa, the Middle East and China are calling! Shucks, I think there might even be some ideas from Louisiana to consider!

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1/28/14 11:45 P

right now I am still in the works of perfecting my perfect "sick' soup.

will be making some bone broth soup and storing it in the freezer for later. that way I don't have to make it when I'm sick.

and yeah- I'm a work in progress. I know I'm not eating half as healthy as I think I am. Going back to recording my food.

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1/28/14 10:29 P

Hmmm...when I am sick I eat soup...not pizza and cinnamon rolls.

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1/28/14 6:54 P

Linda's Low Carb

That's my favorite site for low carb meals, sides and snacks :) She even rates the recipes she makes so you know how good she thought they were.

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1/28/14 6:31 P

that was when I was sick.i have a hard time eating healthy when sick. will get back to tracking my food again.

and I NEVER thought of looking at what other people are eating before. will try that later tonight.

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1/28/14 6:07 P

A quick peek at a couple days on your nutrition tracker and there is room for change. You have a lot of processed carbs listed at one breakfast - a cinnamon roll at 180 calories and 27g carbs. I don't know exactly what saltine crackers are but you have listed in the same meal, 4 servings, at 240 calories and 44g carbs. Neither of those would be filling, but they contain loads of calories and carbs. SMART carbs are the way to go. Go for wholegrains, checking the nutrition label to ensure lower calories, higher fibre, lower carbs, higher protein, and low saturated fats and sodium. The healthy fats come from foods such as nuts and avocado, as well as olive oil, rice bran oil, peanut oil etc.

The other thing that I notice is that you consumed 1774 calories, but burned 797 calories, mostly with belly dancing. Given your current weight, I would strongly suspect that you aren't eating enough for what you do.

When you entered in all your info into the SP tracker, did you include the exercise you are doing? If not, it might be worth your resetting your goals, and include the exercise time and intensity -, and don't be harsh in when you want to have lost the weight by, because that can also leave you with an unrealistic nutrition goal.


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1/28/14 5:27 P

Brenna, I'm confused. I looked at your trackers for the past week and I don't see any sweet potatoes. I DO see several days when you are eating almost 200 G/carbs in a single day.

Are you currently doing low carb or are you thinking about trying it in the future?

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1/28/14 5:09 P

I suspect that what you are doing is more moderate carb than low carb per se.

I love to look at friends' trackers in order to get new ideas. You can peek at mine if you want to--I've been eating around 60-70 G/carbs per day for the past couple of weeks, but before that I was eating around 100 G/day. There are a few sweet potatoes on there though--I love them slow roasted with olive oil, salt and the skin on.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/28/14 4:50 P

Do you eat enough fiber rich veggies? Fiber helps you feel more full.

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1/28/14 4:44 P

i have tried lower carb but get sooooo f-in hungry. I'm thinking I don't know HOW to add quality fat, lol

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/28/14 12:15 A

I have to say that I agree a lot with what REBECANOLA said. If you are on low carb, why do you need any starches? It must be a very loose interpretation of low carb, so if it works for you, you are very lucky. Being able to eat so many carbs should allow for a lot more variety. I stick to meat and vegetables. If you can have potatoes, then beans, beets, corn, carrots etc. should also be okay for you. The list of what you can eat is almost endless. At a fruit & vegetables market, you will be able to eat almost anything there, out of the hundreds of options.

I just want to say to MEGADANCING... the comment about people quitting low carb because it is not sustainable is not true. Go to the low carb teams, and there are many people who have been on it for years, and have no reason, or desire to quit. Personally, I will have been on Atkins for 5 years this May 1st, and can't imagine quitting for any reason.

In contrast, the average American is starving, and gaining weight, and is starting a new diet every few months. By 2020 three quarters of us will be " fat ", which I am guessing means overweight, and hopefully not obese. Since 75% are failing, the idea of quitting low carb to move over to a diet with a 75% failure rate is not the answer, except for the 25% who are doing well.

If anything, low carb is more likely to be sustainable, since you aren't hungry, and the food actually tastes good. Still, I know some people do well on a 50/20/30 diet, and so I won't say it is unsustainable, because that would be offensive to those who actually succeeded by doing that diet, and like it. I really did not see any reason why you needed to trash low carb, to reply to this post, especially when what you are saying is untrue. The OP was looking for more low carb options, not to be told her way of eating was unsustainable, and she should quit now, because success was not possible.

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1/27/14 7:02 P

i have pcos and I notice that I tend to feel better cutting out lots of white stuff.

plus I have insulin resistence so its a bit hard.

thank you

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
1/27/14 6:39 P

If you're going wheat free or ditching white carbs, I'd say that you first need to stop thinking you need to have a "starch" as a side dish. Many of my meals are simply a protein and lots of vegetables, often times more than one type of vegetable at a time. One of my recent go-to recipes is a pork chop spiced with coriander and cumin on a bed of roasted carrots, onions, parsnips, brussels sprouts or whatever else root vegetable I have around. It's flavorful, delicious and there's not a moment that I wish for anything else. But, there are many things that you could eat that are not going back to rice or potatoes or pasta (which, to my mind, don't have much flavor anyway).

Mashed Cauliflower, parsnips, or butternut squash. (I got a great recipe online somewhere for Shepherd's pie with mashed butternut squash)

Cauliflower rice.

Replace pasta with Zucchini Noodles or spaghetti squash. I also make casseroles with spaghetti squash and lasagna with zucchini and/or Eggplant.

There are all sorts of recipes for grain free biscuits and muffins. Almond flour is not wheat flour so they taste different, but I've had a lot of success with making tasty and filling breakfast muffins.

It might do you some good to Google some "low-carb" or "Paleo" recipe sites. I find that getting new recipes keeps me from eating the same old thing and combinations all the time in general.

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1/27/14 5:33 P

I go through the rainbow of veggies, pick a different protein/meat, try a new sauce, switch up the cooking method. I could come up with 1000's of combinations easily.

1/27/14 5:17 P

This blueberry and almond meal recipe is great for breakfast and snack, no flour, and only honey (or maple syrup) as sweetener, and I use less (maple syrup) than called for.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/27/14 5:10 P

Do you need (i.e. have a medical reason) to be on low carb? If not, and you're bored of eating that way, there's no reason you can't enjoy carbs in moderation and within your daily ranges. A lot of people think low carb is the only way to lose weight, but once they go back to "normal" (because they're not making a sustainable choice) it all comes back. It's better to implement that sustainable change now.

Of course, if there is a medical reason, ignore me.

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1/27/14 3:58 P

Well, sweet potatoes have about 15g of carbohydrate per 1/2 cup. That'd be *roughly* comparable to 1/2 cup white potatoes, 1/3 cup rice, 1/2 cup oats, 1 slice of break, 12-15 chips, 4-6 (varies a lot) crackers, 1 lower carb tortila - about 6", 1/2 English Muffin or smaller bagel, 1 4" pancake, a smaller sized roll, 1/3 cup stuffing...depends on what you are looking for, but a lot of those items are used in place of sweet potatoes on a menu so may help you out.

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1/27/14 3:45 P

looking for a new side starch dishes. other than just plain sweet potatoes with butter and ezekiel bread

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
1/26/14 11:37 P

It depends on what you're bored of. Are you looking for different carbs or sides that will fit with the number of carbs you want to eat? I might have suggestions if I have an idea of what you're looking for.

But, I do suggest looking for various recipes. I'm on the computer getting new recipes all the time - it gets me to try new things with stuff I usually make meals out of.

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1/26/14 8:56 P

any ideas on solving lower carb boredom?

anyone ever get busy of lower carb options?

sometimes i get bored of ezekiel bread and sweet potatoes

idea on solving this?

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