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2/18/14 8:28 P


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2/18/14 6:29 P

This article might help you understand calories and how they help with weight loss.

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2/18/14 6:15 P

How low are we talking about. I do a lot of training and my caloric intake is 2200 cal a day. When I don't train, my intake is 1700 - 1800. I believe it depends on how active you are and how many times a day you eat and what you eat. People think if they eat less, they loose weight but not true. If you eat too little, you will keep weight on as your body thinks it is starving and goes into a self preservation mode.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (55,659)
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2/18/14 5:15 P

What does anyone think about lw calorie diets?

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