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2/21/13 12:50 P

The idea of going to the gym seems dreadful to me, like a major hassle of packing extra clothes, water bottle, music device, magazines, etc., getting there, changing, being intimidated by strangers, and hearing so many horror stories, it takes a whole new range of motivation just to want to go in the first place. I, personally, prefer working out at home, where I have several workout games and videos I switch between, I don't have to go out in this wild weather, and I don't care what I look like, and if I find myself becoming disinterested, I buy myself a new gadget, weights, clothes, video, etc., or make a new playlist to exercise to.

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2/21/13 12:08 P

You're not lazy! You said it yourself that you work hard in a factory! I can understand not wanting to do anything after waking up at 3:00am.

Another thing that's hard and that I have experienced myself is that once I have established a pattern of not going to the gym, it's even harder to 'suck it up' and just go. I would feel like people-specifically, the employees who are there more regularly, were going to judge me because it's like "oh, so NOW you're back? Gaining weight I see" Even though, obviously, they would NEVER say such a thing, and are generally happy to see people doing something to better their health.

One thing you could do is just start with walking around outside if you can, or a spark workout video. Don't worry about the gym right off, just worry about doing something.

You can do it!

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2/21/13 10:43 A

I do Zumba , and love it. I try for 3-4 times a week. I do have times where it is NOT possible to even go once, my kids will always come first. Some weeks my calender has something marked everyday. When this happens I push myself more at work, on my 2 15min.breaks I walk in our lunch rm, around the table over n over n over.I will do my Zumba at home on the WII, even if its 10min.

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2/17/13 7:24 A

No, you're not. You're human, as everyone else. The key is to get up, even if you have fallen down 100 times already. emoticon
You are working hard, throw yourself a bone. I am trying to take it day by day nowadays, and it is working a lot better. It doesnt matter how the last day/week/months went, today is the only day that matters. Make it the best it can be, and tomorrow let it go.
You get up every day at 3 am. I could never do that. You are a strong person, you can do what you set your mind to do! Trust that. emoticon

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2/17/13 6:51 A

I have not been to the gym in 3 weeks. Just cannot get my butt there after work lately, and definitely cannot go in the morning as I already get up at 3am for work.
What's odd is I know once I get there its hard for me to Leave!
What is wrong with me. I'm 53, work hard in a factory that I have been at for 14 years.
I'm a tired lazy sloth mess right now emoticon
Thanks for reading emoticon my post

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