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6/1/14 2:18 P

I'm sorry to hear that your grand daughter is not contacting the family. You had recently posted that she contact someone in the family to let everyone know that she was safe in Alabama.

Hopefully, she will contact the family soon. Try not to worry, she called once before, I'm sure she'll call again.

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5/31/14 9:45 P

how old old is she the website of the most inspiring man i know check out his book
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5/31/14 8:43 P

Has she been reported as missing to the Police?

I hope that she makes contact soon.


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5/31/14 7:20 P

please pray with me for a granddaughter who has not respond to phone calls or tex messages please lord a sign she is ok, I need prayer from other friends.

my weight needs to improve please pray for this.
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