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2/9/12 1:51 P

Celebrate it - don't worry about it! Thank God for the miracle you wanted! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon YAY!

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2/9/12 1:26 P


GELLERK Posts: 18
2/9/12 12:22 P

Celebrate the bonus! Most likely, it is water. If 2 lbs is your average, then a sudden drop is usually water. I would guess you cut sodium somewhere, or maybe you got some sleep you needed. You release hormones in your sleep that help you lose weight. That's one of the reasons why people with sleep apnea are usually overweight too.
If this keeps happening, then it might be something to look at, but if only 5 lbs, that is probably okay. emoticon

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2/8/12 5:57 P

That does just happen sometimes as other posters have said. Unless you're consitantly losing HUGE numbers every week, I wouldn't worry about it.

so now what I want to say is...



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2/8/12 11:26 A

Yes, 5 pounds is a lot, but sometimes that really does happen - your body may have been hanging on to some extra water and finally decided to let it go (have you just started drinking 8 cups of water fairly recently?) In any case, checking with the doctor is good, but losing weight is hopefully good too!

TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
2/8/12 11:07 A

From your blog it looks like you've been tracking and watching your carbs, sugar, exercising a little, and listening to your body when you need sleep.

Small changes to bring big results - and I see big loss when I get my period from loss of water weight... But given your hypothyroidism, it's great that you have the appointment to check thing out.

I know it's a challenge, but the more you track now, the more you'll get Know about your body and will be able to anticipate and expect how it will respond to various things... Good and bad.

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2/8/12 10:45 A

Congratulations! I am not a doctor but I dont think I would be alarmed. There could be many factors. Maybe you ate less, maybe water weight etc..? Idk... I would be happy! emoticon

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2/8/12 10:33 A

I feel like I should be posting this in the panic community board, not the celebratory one. This week I lost 5 pounds. To be honest, I feel like that's weird and not right. My body is particularly stubborn about losing weight, and my average is about one pound a month, sometimes 2. I eat ok (not as well as I could, but well enough that I'm happy), exercise every day, and haven't done anything out of the ordinary. To suddenly drop 5 pounds in a week is alarming.

I'm seeing my doctor today for unrelated stuff, but I will ask her if it's something to be concerned about.

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