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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/7/13 5:49 P

It's crazy how tastes change. I had a craving this morning for something sweet, so I got 2 things I haven't had in a really long time - a chai latte, and a 7 layer magic bar (which were my FAVORITE).

Neither of them tasted all that great, and certainly didn't taste "worth" the calories. I poured half of my latte down the drain, and left half of my magic bar in the break room. I'm glad I got the craving out of my system, and I don't foresee buying either again anytime soon.

Now, that tilapia sandwich I had at lunch? THAT was good food!

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6/7/13 5:40 P

Isn't it great when you notice this happening?! I used to love chips from the chip shop, but now they just seem to be far too greasy. That said, I still LOVE home made potato wedges but they probably have under half the calories! And yes, I too have developed a love for huge platefulls of leafy green salad.

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6/5/13 8:56 A

So true!!! The thought of eating a basket of chicken tenders and fries is just NOT appealing anymore. Although on Memorial Day, I had the BIGGEST craving for said chicken, sans fries. I do pretty well with following the 80/20 with my nutrition, so that was definitely my 20 lol

JENSTRESS Posts: 3,362
6/5/13 8:32 A

Yep, and it feels so awesome! I remember being able to eat a box of Entemann's donuts in a day. A BOX OF FREAKING DONUTS! I'm even disgusted with myself for typing it!!!! And I don't really feel like that, and I WANT fruits and veggies!

AMANDA660 Posts: 881
6/5/13 8:27 A

I'm with you. A majority of the time I have no desire for fatty foods and even sugar falls in there. However at random times I experience an overwhelming craving for one or the other. At this point in the game I have to believe my body must be needing it for one reason or another.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,066)
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6/5/13 8:16 A

This has totally happened to me as well. In college (when I was exercising a lot but not eating well), I'd love greasy subs and fries from the local shop. Fast forward to my reunion on campus last weekend, it was a struggle to finish just half of what I had eaten before. It was still good, but I realized that I wanted it more for the nostalgia than for the actual taste.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (9,222)
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6/5/13 12:44 A

I've found, for myself, when I treat my body well, it craves what I need.
There are times I crave olive oil, spinach, steak, and even lettuce. Maybe your body just doesn't need more fats at this time.

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6/5/13 12:18 A

Ive been working at losing weight for awhile now and ive come to a realization that things i once craved (like creamy chicken hotdish with extra melted cheese) no longer appeal to me, in fact they make me queasy to take a few bites. I use to be able to eat pounds of the stuff but no longer. Anyone else have this? Can people lose their appitite for fatty foods?

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