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4/24/13 2:14 A

How do you rate the challenge you feel in your cardio and strength training workouts?

If you are not challenged, you are not burning as many calories as you think. If you have been doing the same routines for a long time, you should replace them with workouts that challenge you. Alternatively you can just increase the intensity of your current workouts, but in my experience, changing workouts gives better results.

Typically when the exercise is challenging, it should feel like pretty difficult or intense, but not impossible to do.

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4/24/13 12:55 A

Time of day doesn't matter. The fact that your shift work means you don't eat till 10am is irrelevant, if you simply go to bed at 2am and get up at 10am, that is. So your sleep schedule is a little later than most people's - doesn't matter. Your fat cells don't know what a clock is! :)

I agree though that you really need to start treating 1200 as a minimum, not a maximum. It's most likely that it's not very healthy for you to be eating so low, and this could actually be why you're not losing.

You can drink some calories - how about a glass of milk and a glass of juice daily?

Look up "Calorie boosting tips" in the search box above. This article has lots of useful information about adding calories without adding bulk.

Your stomach will retrain, if you choose to retrain it.

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4/23/13 11:56 P

To lose an inch in your waist, you need to lose fat overall. The unfortunate truth is even when strength training, you can't spot-reduce the parts of your body you don't like. Strength training is highly valuable, though, and shouldn't be missed!

When you say that you're eating "up to" 1200 calories, do you mean that you are sometimes eating less than that? It's important to get at least 1200 calories (as an absolute minimum) because less than that makes it nearly impossible to get all of the nutrients your body needs to function. Undereating makes it harder to lose weight, not easier.

Why are you not eating until 10 AM? While timing isn't really that important for weight loss, studies have shown that those who eat breakfast tend to lose more weight than those who don't.

It's difficult to make more specific suggestions, since you don't have a Sparkpage or shared nutrition tracker, so we don't know anything about you.

What's your current calorie range, daily calorie intake, fitness calories burned per week, current height and weight, and weight loss goal per week?

You talk a lot about what you can't do; so let's talk about what you can. What's your program like?

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4/23/13 11:09 P

Okay how can I lose a inch off my waist. I am 51 years old and having a struggle with this I do cardio and strength training 4 or more times a week but cannot seem to do it. I can only eat up to 1200 calories a day my stomach gets too full even If I eat 5 small meals a day or more in which I do. Anyone got other suggestions. I also work 32 hours a week on afternoon shift so I am not eating till at least 10 am.

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