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2/1/12 11:26 P

thankyou so much for your input i especially like the part about my sister . i well tell her this she is very receptive to encouraging me kudos to you. and the ymca is on my to do list

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
2/1/12 8:33 P

Classes at the YMCA are fun! Once you get started, you will want to keep going.


A.DRAGONFLY Posts: 143
2/1/12 2:06 A

Many indoor shopping malls open the outer doors early. People meet at a designated time before the stores open and trek around the mall walkway at their own pace. I know as a business owner, the morning may be hectic for you. You might find it is a good way to start each day.

Check with your YMCA, City Parks Department, or local college for community programs. Many of them are dedicated to active seniors.

When shopping with your sister, ask her to enjoy a cup of tea or a soft pretzel snack while you take a quick step walk down to the Sears and back. Tell her she is your Coach and get her to time you. She will have fun teasing you and cheering when you do well.

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
1/30/12 2:31 P

Winter is long here, where I live (Minnesota) so I have to look for ways to stay engaged.

Sounds like you live in a great town! I don’t know Lakewood, but I see (from your city’s website) that it hosts a “Make a Difference Day” in October. As a business owner, you might want to brainstorm what you could work toward doing in October. Maybe. . .sponsor a 5K walk/run that day? Or support a kids’ sports team? Or start a neighborhood garden that would be at “harvest” by October?

Such community investment might build a circle of friends around you with similar interests! And, when I put my attention on others, I find I have less time to “awfulize” about myself and my own troubles.

What kind of “racing” do you and hubby do? Bremerton looks like a drag-race location. Are you car owner/drivers? Are you spectators? Are you in a racing club?

What can you be doing this winter that will get you ready for a summer at the raceway?? Being active may get your mind off your aches and pains and give you a fresh, forward-looking point of view!

Good luck as you look for ways to stay active and engaged with the people around you this winter!


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1/28/12 2:21 P

I live in lakewood own my own bussines. and have had scare medically .thought i was having heart attack .i guess it was panic dr not quiet sure yet. so. my problem is im scared of dying and doing alot at times . sometomes i fell perfectally normal and other times not.. im about 30 lbs over weight .. I would love to have a freind to talk to and to work out with . and encourage me. in the summer my husband and I are at bremerton raceway a lot .And this year i get to race. In the winter im in the house alot.and my tred mill hurts my hips. So i go shopping alot.a way to walk around and be around people . im so very shy you see. i go with my sister but she walks with a cane very slow. any ways any help would be great.

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