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6/4/13 8:50 P

they don't necessairly have to accomplish their weight loss goal it someone who knows how to eat properly and can offer suggestions and help me. my Ed mentor said its very important to my success. I start my class on June 14th. I will blog on my spark page my class journey.
my biggest issues are sweets, fats, carbs and I need to watch those. I put to share and track my food need the help since I have had an eating problem for a long time. a female or two to help guide me on eating correctly.

CHRISANAE Posts: 121
5/31/13 7:38 P

Are you wanting someone who has already accomplished their weight loss goal?

5/31/13 12:37 P

I am taking a binge eating class to address my binge/ undereating issues. I am looking for 2 female accountability partners to help me. my mentor reccomends me have some. you will get the answers to my lessons and offer support and encouragement any helpful suggestions. the course I am taking in christian based. if interested send me a private message or reply here. I will then need your email only to send you my lesson answers. my mentor wants a dependable accountability partner who can respond once or twice a week.

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