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1/13/13 2:09 P


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1/13/13 1:50 P

Have you tried making soup? I would try adding water, vegetables of choice, spices of choice, and a little olive oil.

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1/13/13 12:09 P

make homemade macaroni sauce and add those at the end. You can also added red pepper flakes to make it "diablo" have over macaroni, spg. squash. Both ways are really good. I make homemade sauce all the time and add all kinds of different things. Seafood is my favorite though.

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1/12/13 8:26 P

It contains: surimi, octopus, squid, shrimp, I have searched and searched online and found a few recipes, I've "invented" a couple that is in my recipes here, but would really like more suggestions. Anyone have any?

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