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1/14/13 8:25 P

Thanks guys! I think I will do rowing this week, good idea!! Totally need an upper body cardio to go with my lower body burn from the incline trainer... and I am gearing up to strength training, starting next week. I need to learn how to use the machines first, my gym is intimidating lol.

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1/14/13 7:43 P

Why not do some strength training? Cardio is good, but strength is better. :)

Make the most of your workout by including some full-body strength training. You'll burn more calories at rest (And during your workouts) and you'll be better able to do your cardio workouts.

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1/14/13 5:46 P

Classes, classes and more classes. If your gym offers classes definitely take them! I do Les Mill classes at least 3x a week, sometimes 5-6 times and each class is normally 45min-hour and you're burning at least 400 calories per class and theyre fun.

But like you I've been incline training and when I do I tend to do a 5k on the treadmill which equals about 30 minutes for me and then I normally switch to either the elliptical, bike, or rowing for my last 30 minutes. It's not necessarily more incline training - the elliptical does allow you too - but it gives me that extra 30 minutes.

And for those that haven't tried rowing its amazing because you're working so many different muscle areas while working on cardio.

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1/14/13 5:07 P

Hi all, for my cardio, I have started using the incline trainer, doing 30 mins of 18-25% incline walking (omg it's 3x the burn and sweat than running was when I used to do that!) but I am looking for a good 30 minute cardio companion to use at the gym after... something that is doable after the incline trainer but still gives me some more calorie burn... what do you guys like to do to get your cardio up to 60 mins when you only have 30 mins allowed on each machine?

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