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1/19/13 7:54 A

I don't live in NYC but until you find a work out partner near you perhaps the 10 minute fitness challenge team would be a helpful way to get online support. I found that challenge really helpful. I was not exercising regularly at all. The ten minute challenge helped me get into a consistent daily routine - it took awhile but I'm eventually finished the four week program. Now I'm on a 55 day steak and shooting for a goal of 100 days of at least ten minutes of exercise daily (I often do much more). So if this idea appeals to you, join us on this team!

1/16/13 11:08 P

willing to go as far as 225th and Broadway in the bronx or Yonkers Planet Fitness I have a bike as well..... i'm looking to get from 300 lbs to 149 again and I NEED YOUR HELP WHERE ARE YOU? I can work out early mornings or late nights or during the day emoticon

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