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10/21/12 4:56 P

I think the best way to do it is to just bookmark your home page! That way seeing the little icon in your bookmarks/favorites bar/etc. will remind you where you should be going. ;)

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10/15/12 9:38 P

Just type "" into the address bar. It will take you directly to the front page.

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10/10/12 10:53 A

You can also go to ANY forum, posting, etc. and either try to respond, comment, get spark points, etc. and it will take you to the log in page :)

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10/10/12 6:43 A

Is this what you're looking for:

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10/10/12 5:11 A

When you are logged in, go to "Start" on the top, left under "My Trackers" . At the top left of THAT page click on "Account/e-mail preferences" then click on either "e-mail" or "Community" and make sure that some of the boxes are checked so that each day you receive e-mails. By clicking on "Community" you can go to the second of the list - "SparkTeams" and that will come up with all your SparkTeams. Check all the ones that you want which involve getting New Topic Notification etc. Then you will have them all come to your e-mail address. It is really easy to log in from there.

I hope you can understand that easily enough because sometimes my instructions are about as clear as mud - LOL!


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10/9/12 10:10 P

orange bar at the top of every page - my trackers - start

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10/9/12 9:03 P

I am here I am new(More or less) but am having a hard time lokking into here. When I type in SP on the net lots of stuff comes up. Except what I am actually looking for!!! Can anybody please tell me the easy way to find my way to the main page so I can log in? Thanks much.

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