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ENIAIS Posts: 2
8/19/13 6:43 P

thank you all for taking the time to answer

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8/19/13 6:43 P

I have found that creating a new meal using the tracker has opened my eyes as to how easy it is for the calories to add up.

8/19/13 4:40 P

I know it's not fun to manually enter 7 different foods to make a recipe, but if it's something you eat often, like a casserole/favorite dish(for example, my meatloaf recipe) it is MUCH more worth it to enter it once than to find something similar or guess and possibly be off by hundreds of calories. Like someone said below, if you eat a lot of ethnic foods/recipes, be sure to take the extra time now to create your own recipes/foods in the tracker, and soon you will have all your favorites and basics available without having to do the work later...this will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run and might save you from calorie discrepancies that could cost you set-backs over time.

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8/19/13 11:50 A

For those of us who come from different cultures, there ISN"T ANYTHING SIMILAR IN THE TRACKER. I think that is the point--the tracker contains typical things that North Americans eat and it doesn't go much beyond that.

You just have to enter everything. Measuring and counting each ingredient is kind of the point of tracking--you need to know the precise nutrition of everything you eat.

I find that the recipe and grouping functions are very helpful. I've also tended to eat much simpler/whole foods since I've been dieting and to repeat things more so that entry is easier. Once you get many of your typical foods into your tracker, things get easier.

Just not tracking things is not acceptable if you are doing it on a regular basis--what is the point of tracking if you are leaving out a whole meal every day?

I'm not understanding why tracking a smoothie is hard...just enter the individual ingredients.

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8/19/13 11:11 A

I drink smoothies every morning and I don't log them b/c there is nothing comparable, so I guess-ti-mate and leave enough calories for my drink

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
8/19/13 11:02 A

You can create your own food on the tracker after you have added in all your ingredients. Then you don't have to track every ingredient one by one.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/19/13 10:34 A

Yea, would try to find something similar in wherever you are tracking or just google something.

HSHEAJ5 Posts: 3,133
8/19/13 8:12 A

I try to find something similar already in the food tracker.

ENIAIS Posts: 2
8/19/13 6:08 A

hi, how do you log calories in ethnic food or casseroles, without having to break down in components, as in estimate 250 calories, thank you

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