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4/17/12 9:19 P

There's no such thing as the "worst" calories, or even bad calories. This kind of language is counterproductive, and paints food as the enemy. It's not; it's necessary fuel for your body.

Some calories have more value than others, and there are some calories that are empty of any real nutrition (such as soda) but something like a protein shake has some nutrition... quite a bit, in fact. It's not as good as whole food, but as a supplement to a healthy diet, counted in your totals, it's fine. I often have a shake before a hard workout to ensure my blood sugar levels can get me through. :)

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4/17/12 1:22 P

I think that when people talk about the evils of liquid calories we are talking about empty calories. Those shakes are not empty calories and I use them myself periodically- usually for a snack when I want something chocolately but need some protein.

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4/17/12 1:11 P

I agree also - an apple is better for you than apple juice overall for instance, but nothing wrong with some juice now and again.

Usually liquid calories just boost the sugar even if you're having something healthy like orange juice, it moves through the system fast, and it doesn't sustain you long. And personally, I can easily down about 20 oz of OJ but I cannot eat the 5 oranges I had to squeeze to come up with the 20 oz of OJ. Maybe one, maybe two, not all 5 big oranges, not at once.

I don't think there's anything wrong with your protein shake. I usually have one to start my day as I wake hungry but am not quite ready to do all the work to make breakfast, plus it helps me get enough protein as well.

And I have liquid in other forms - chia soaked in water for instance, or coconut water. I just try to watch where I'm consuming sugary stuff, even if it's good sugar.

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4/17/12 12:24 P

I agree with Kelekona that a lot of people don't think about liquid calories. You pour yourself a cup of juice or get a cappucino and don't take into account how many calories are in a cup. Serving size in soda and coffee is also off since you'll usually get at least 12 oz instead of 8. I think that's where liquid calories can be bad, but the calories aren't any different than if you ate those calories, which is my personal preference. I'd rather eat a slice of cake than have a mocha. :)

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4/17/12 12:17 P

I used to be a big pop drinker, and coffee (with milk and sugar), and ice cappucinno, and juice. That was definitely affecting my weight. She's right, but she's wrong at the the same time. Your friend is probably referring to the unhealthy liquid the calories in pop and ice caps that provide no nutritional benefit, that's traditionally what liquid calories are considered. They're the unhealthy calories that you consume without much thought. Keep drinking your protien shakes because like you said, it helps you reach a nutritional goal. It's just like I wouldn't tell you not to drink gatorade after an intense workout where you lost a lot of fluids...yes it has calories, but it's helping you to achieve a healthy, susitanable lifestyle.

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4/17/12 12:11 P

IMO, most of the problem with liquid calories is that the vast majority of people have *empty* liquid calories - sodas or sugary drinks or some other calorie heavy-nutrition slight cup.

The only real problem with liquid calories is that they tend to not be as filling for the same calorie content, but even that isn't always true. Smoothies can be wonderfully filling, very nutritious (just watch what's going in them) and a good way to get in a couple servings of fruits and/or veggies.

Like Kelekona said, if there is something you are willing to make a sacrifice for - milk and sugar in your tea, an occasional soda, a beer with your BBQ - then just be aware of how much you're drinking and be sure to track it.

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4/17/12 12:01 P

Yes and no. Liquid calories are still calories and many people don't seem to think about them. If you had a cola habit, how much would you have to cut your food intake to counteract that?

For me, a pot of tea with sugar and milk runs about the same as snacking on cheese. The cheese is more filling, but I decided that I'd rather have the tea.

Basically, just track the shake and you should be fine if it provides you more than what you sacrifice for it.

4/17/12 11:24 A

A friend told me liquid calories are the worst you can have. I don't use my protien shake in the morning as a meal replacement. I use it to kick start my metabolism. I use EAS shakes, carb control, 17grams of protien, 2 net carbs, 110 calories. I also eat a piece of fruit with it and sometimes yogurt.

What has been your experience with liquid calories? Do you agree with her or is she wrong? If I dont use the protien shake, I don't meet my daily protien intake.

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