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6/11/13 9:09 A

Personally I am not a big flavored water/frappes/smoothie fan. But everyone once and a while I just need a little something extra in my water. I'm all about the crystal light!

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6/10/13 10:58 P

Make some homemade fruit smoothies & frappes. Add some protein powder & you're good to go!

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6/7/13 10:59 P

Do you like teas? I ask because there are a lot of herbal and flavored teas that have no calories and no artificial sweeteners, like the chocolate teas from Republic of Tea and some of the holiday teas from Celestial Seasonings. You can prepare them hot or cold, too! emoticon

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6/5/13 11:35 A

Here is a low-calorie coffee drink that is cold and sweet:

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6/5/13 10:10 A

There's a SP article full of recipes for healthy versions of coffee shop drinks. I also do enjoy flavored water. Each night before bed, I put a big jug in my fridge with water and fruit. By morning, the water has a nice flavor, and if I finish the whole jug by the end of the day then I know I've met my 8-cup goal.

6/5/13 7:13 A

I've been pinning recipes for this drinks to try. Do a recipe search, you may be able to find something healthier you can make at home (so less expensive too).

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6/5/13 5:27 A


I agree that those frappy concoctions that Starbucks are not only tasty, but extremely high in calorie. Spark People has never been about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. A frappy drink CAN be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you watch the portion. So, as long as you don't drink one every single day, there is absolutely no reason you can't have one ONCE in a while.

I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat or drink something because I was worried I'd gain weight. That's not healthy.

I do drink a lot of water, but that's not all I drink. When I was losing, I did drink an insane amount of Diet Coke. I'll admit it. I was an addict. However, as I became more aware of what I was putting into my body, I knew the Diet Coke had to go. It took a while, but I did ween myself off the stuff.

These days, I drink a lot of flavored sparkling waters like Poland Spring, Adirondak, Perrier (on sale), etc. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's both have terrific flavored mineral waters and sparkling water. So, if you need a fizzy fix, you might drink sparkling waters. I also drink tea, no milk or sugar. That's just the way I prefer it i.e. nekkid.

You could also drink orange juice. I still drink it. I do this to save calories and sugar. I pour half a cup of juice and then half a cup of water. that's something you might try too if you're getting bored with water and coffee.

Also, one little creamer won't hurt your efforts at long term weight loss or good health. Just watch your portion, that's all. Indulge, but try not to over indulge too much.

If you'd really like a frappy drink, treat yourself to ONE on the weekend. Then sip and savor it. Don't inhale it like a Hoover. The faster you drink it, the more likely you'll want another. Instead, drink a BIG glass of water to quench your thirst and then have the frappy drink at a slower pace.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/5/13 4:18 A

I will sometimes, on a hot summer day, add some crystal light (grape) to frozen mixed berries and blend away...

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,664)
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6/5/13 3:30 A

Why not make a slushy with fruit (pureed rather than juiced) and water? NICE and cooling :-)


EDENFELL Posts: 212
6/5/13 1:09 A

I *completely* know what you mean - I love coffee and am trying to cut down as well. My latest thing is to go for a decaf. coffee with skim milk and splenda instead of a mocha or a latte or something with a million calories. I know that decaf and splenda aren't supposed to be the healthiest either but have to go with baby steps. Also, ice water flavored with lemon sounds bland but once you get used to it, you'll enjoy getting that. Agree with just saying no to frappucino emoticon - completely not worth the cals.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/4/13 10:05 P

It really is worth breaking the addiction to "Fraps" - they are just RIDICULOUS when it comes to fat, sugar, overall calories, their ability to be consumed in a flash without the drinker ever recognizing that "600 calories just went down."

But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with your summer beverages!

While travelling in Mexico, I developed a real affection for "licuados" and "aguas frescas" - good luck finding such a think at Starbucks but they are really easy to make if you have a blender. It's basically just fruit (and probably some sugar, depending), blended with milk (licuado) or water (refrescos) and ice. These will quench your thirst while remaining in the realm of reality, calorie-and-fat-wise.

Or ice tea. Though depending how you make it, this can be a sugar bomb. But you can work at reducing the amount of sweetener you need (or replace it with an artificial sweetener).

Or lemonade. Or limeade. Or crystal light. Or a wine spritzer. You can even "cut" a cooler or cider with sparkling water to a degree, without taking away from the pleasure of it.

Just say no to frappucino! Yeah "everything in moderation" but personally? When a "treat beverage" contains all the calories and more of my breakfast and lunch combined? I just don't see how it is ever "worth it."

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ALLIBEAR77 SparkPoints: (24,916)
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6/4/13 9:42 P

Especially in the summer, I have such a hard time avoiding yummy, creamy, chocolaty or fruity drinks. In particular, those frappe things at Starbucks, or coolers (even though I hardly drink any alcohol the rest of the year). Today is day 4 of drinking only water or black coffee. It doesn't sound like much, but it's probably the longest I've stuck to this goal. I almost cracked yesterday; I stepped out of the subway station, into the warm sun, right in front of a Starbucks. It seemed like everyone coming out of there had one of those yummy frappes. But I'm resisting so far...

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