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2/4/14 11:31 A

As far as I can tell, all the link does is add any extra calories you burn to your caloric goal. So if you plan to burn 250 calories a day, and burn 400 today, you eat 150 extra.

If one is trying to maintain a 500 calorie daily deficit, then any extra calories burned would have to be eaten, or you would have a daily deficit of ( in this case ), 650 calories, instead of 500. You need to eat any extra calories to stick to 500 a day deficit. I think a lot of people were shocked by this, since they think more exercise is great for weight loss. Other than cardiovascular health, the extra exercise now seems like a waste to them. They are actively working to make themselves have to eat more. Showing the link between the two was helpful I think.

These calculations are estimates, and always need a little tweaking. There are so many factors that it isn't an exact science. I just eat what allows me to lose a little weight each week, and it just happens to coincide with SP's caloric range for me. I don't use the link. If I work out extra, I just lose a little extra weight, since at this point, I struggle to lose 1/2 a lb. a week anyways. I don't really think a little extra weight loss is an issue unless you are already losing 2-3 lbs a week over an extended period of time. Also remember that you would have to lose an extra 3500 calories to lose 1 lb. more, so 150 extra calories four times a week, would take 6 weeks to lose 1 extra lb.

Add what you can, till you start maintaining. This may be 100 calories, or 250, but at this point you don't want to be gaining or losing, so make the adjustments small, and you will find where that happens.


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2/3/14 8:23 P

thanks Becky!

2/3/14 8:03 P

Most people have the best results using the older version of tracking; and if they do decided to add in those calories burned through exercise---"only" add in 1/2 the amount. This prevents the calorie range from going too high.

Hope this helps

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2/3/14 7:57 P

thanks. I feel same way. I am going to go back to old way. :)

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2/3/14 4:19 P

I stay within my 1200-1550 range no matter how much exercise I get each day. It often says if you exercise you can eat more, but I am not hungry within that calorie range so why would I add more calories if I don't need them. Hopefully it will also help the pounds come off a bit easier. Also, as with the calorie tracker I often wonder about the accuracy of the exercise tracker. There are days I just don't give it my all during my workout so I am probably not burning as many calories as I am when I really push myself during a workout. I may be working out for 60 minutes each time but the intensity varies based on my energy that day and how I am feeling. So while I do track my workouts, I am more focused on staying within my calorie range and see the exercise as part of getting healthier. Just my two cents.

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2/3/14 3:32 P

I just started back to SP. when I used it before, my trackers weren't linked. I had same range of calories 1200-1550 and was successful in losing weight working out 5 days a week usually.
now there is the option of linking them. if I do that, it ups my range by whatever I use working out - today that was 500 calories. so it gives me 1700-2050. seems awfully high.
I think I can change it back but I am not sure what is best. I understand the idea of not losing too quickly, slowing metabolism, losing muscle, etc. but also don't want to stall my progress because I still have a lot to lose. I am 5'6'' tall, weigh 167 right now. fairly active during day- SAHM of 2 young boys. working out 4 days a week- 3 of those are heavy calorie burners, 1 is pilates.
any opinions on this?

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