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FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,710
2/1/13 6:29 A

These are really helpful posts. The only thing I would add is to be really careful to avoid injury - make sure to stretch and warm up.

I injured my hip over the summer doing HIIT on a treadmill. My Dr. said using the incline increases the risk of injury. After my physical therapy, I am sticking to running outdoors.

I've been an active, healthy person all my life. I'm 31 - the injury definitely came as a surprise.

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2/1/13 1:17 A

From the calorie point of view, it's almost similar. But each method has its own benefits.
The best way to do it is alternate days of steady state cardio and 2 or 3 days of HIIT.

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2/1/13 12:45 A

Another way you can cut your workouts down is to combine exercises. I like to work my abs while I'm doing my biceps workouts, triceps, etc, so I get my ball out and bend one knee on it and support my weight on the other while doing the other exercises. It saves time and works both sets of muscles at the same time. You just have to be careful to keep your abs in, don't lose your balance, and work those biceps, or whatever muscle group your exercising.

Good luck! God bless you! emoticon

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1/31/13 8:10 P

Thank you, everyone! Appreciate all your help....

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/26/13 7:55 P

It is better to work out smarter not harder so what you did is just right. The HIIT training that was talked about is a good workout. I do that on my treadmill.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/26/13 2:12 P

You're only talking about calorie-wise?

Calorie-wise it doesn't make a difference if you burn 200 calories in 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Two hundred calories is two hundred calories. The body doesn't care.

Personally, like Heather, I'd rather only spend 15 minutes exercising rather than 30 minutes. So if I can get the same calorie-bang in less time, I'm all for that.

So higher intensity is good! But not from a calorie perspective. Purely from a time perspective.

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1/26/13 11:11 A

Intervals and higher intensity are definitely a great bang for your buck. What it comes down to is time; I would rather burn 200 calories in 15 minutes of intervals than 30 minutes of steady-state walking. It takes less time, and when you're talking about the treadmill, cuts boredom in half. ;) I always work the incline and speed when I'm on the treadmill now.

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1/25/13 11:21 P


High intensity interval training trumps steady state exercise, but you need not do this type of workout every day and if you have any medical issues, you need to get this type of workout cleared by your doctor.

Coach Nancy

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1/25/13 11:09 P

I usually walk/jog on the treadmill for a half hour. Today I walked/ran for 15 minutes on an incline 5 and 7. I sweated about the same but I felt less tired. Is it better to work harder for a shorter time or less intensed for a longer time? I'm talking about calorie wise. Thank you!

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