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12/2/12 9:17 P

just take it easy - listen to your doctor! yoga, physio, walking, are all good things.

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12/2/12 9:15 P

Why not slightly increase your calories - perhaps with protein?


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12/2/12 7:37 P

sorry to hear about your hand, one thing that has helped me a ton is i have recently got into meditation and yoga, i get up a hour early everyday to drink my coffee and do yoga/meditation and it has helped me alot. and just know even if you do gain back some, look how far you came, you know u can know it back off "if" you where to even gain any, heck you might loose some, everytime i ever got hurt or was "down" i lost weight cause i usualy didnt have a apetite as much as normaly from hurting or medication or what ever it be.

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11/27/12 4:46 P

within 50 calories or so

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11/27/12 4:33 P

"what's up with that?" .......... Probably shows that your body is using the energy to heel itself. You might have been going over in calories a couple days, but on the days you weren't, how much under the upper limit were you?


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11/27/12 7:48 A

i have been taking it easy ( been out for a couple of walks, done a little ab stuff here and there) ....eating healthy but not restricting calories...going slightly over every couple of days in fact.
STILL losing weight. what's up with that?
gonna have a hard sell convincing the doctor that i have been following his orders!
tomorrow is supposed to be my first day back at many extra calories am i going to need?

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11/21/12 9:57 A

I have finally learned that pushing my body is not going to speed up the results I want. Instead I have learned with time and without stress my body responds to what is happening and finally I see results weather its in myself or in my clothes.

11/21/12 9:51 A

I have had a difficult time relaxing when I needed to as well. But I noticed that when I've taken breaks (still eating healthy but not exercising as much) that my aches and pains and cuts and bruises heal faster then when I'm going for it. Those things used to heal within days and now it is taking weeks - I think we just need more time and energy to give to healing and resting our bodies as time goes on.

Hope you are able to find something that works for you - I know it is tough to stop mid-way through but know you will be able to easily jump back in again since you've already gotten through those hurdles.

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11/20/12 11:16 P

I'm not qualified to offer advice...EXCEPT I take my "advanced years" into consideration.
Kris has given you as much advice as you's got to be so difficult to just stop in mid-stream and do nothing, especially when you have been working positively to a goal. That I understand and just want to wish you well and that you find that "spot" in your head that lets you take the "soft road" to recovery.

I hope that your hand heals quickly and well and leaves you ready to fight off the world!!

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11/20/12 10:27 P

LISTEN to your QUALIFIED Surgeon and GP! They are quite right - now is NOT the time for weight-loss or the exercise, apart from walking. Your body needs to heal - it needs the energy for this.

I know how you feel because a few years ago I was in a bad accident, and for a few weeks couldn't do anything because of a badly fractured Right Clavicle (right handed) which caused severe pain and bone-on-bone grinding with any movement. I also had multiple rib fractures both sides and severe painful bruising over a lot of my torso. I couldn't dress myself, shower myself, prepare ANY meals, do anything much for myself. I had to wait it out. One thing you COULD do is to get yourself a Gym Ball - not to exercise on per se, but rather to sit on while watching TV or on the computer. It takes energy just to maintain your balance. It will also help to keep your lower back and deep abdominal muscles strengthened. Just make sure you aren't tempted to go rolling around on the floor and bouncing around on it.

Years later (after starting on this journey) I got pretty sick. My Dr told me to stop all attempts at weight-loss, and that now wasn't the time. He said there was plenty of time for that when I was well enough. And you know what??? He was quite right! I am now at my goal after having been overweight for about 30 years, and have been maintaining for a l-o-n-g time :-)

Sometimes there are anxiety issues at play and it sounds to me like they have come knocking at your door. Don't answer that door! Listen to some gentle, relaxing music - read a book - talk on the phone - whatever it takes to distract you. Learn some proper breathing techniques. That can calm the anxiety.

When the time comes, not only will your mind be ready, but your body will be too. Just remember to start again with baby steps, because if you go back into it hard and fast, you WILL like end up doing yourself some harm!


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11/20/12 1:08 P

first a quick background.
over the last 6 months or so i have lost 54lbs (4lbs past my goal)
i usually do 2-3 zumba classes a week, walk 5k a couple of times a week and do ST at home 3x/week. i am also on my feet and on the go at work.
since mid october or so (when i was about 2lbs above my goal weight) i have been transitioning to maintenence...gradually adding calories back into my diet (which is well balanced and healthy)

12 days ago i injured 2 fingers on my dominiant hand quite severely in a workplace accident.
they are beginning to heal (it will be about 6 weeks more)
but i am under orders from the surgeon not to do anything more strenuous than walk for at least another couple of weeks (not supposed to jostle the fingers)
i haven't done ANY exercise since the accident ...i am just now feeling well enough to want to get back at it
i am also under strict orders from my GP to NOT restrict my calories while i heal.

intellectually i KNOW that the best thing for me right now is a healthy diet at the top of maintenence calorie wise combined with walking and a gradual return to more vigorous exercise ( i will have to up my calories on zumba days once i go back)
i KNOW that as long as i stick to healthy foods i won't undo all of my good work
i KNOW that i have the skills and knowledge to get right back inot the swing of my normal routine once i am healed.

i am stressing about it though. worried about losing focus and motivation. worried about what i eat, worried about losing the ground i have gained fitness wise. worry worry worry!

my husband says i need to relax.
i want to relax...i just don't know HOW???

add in the fact that i am pretty limited in what i can do (cook, clean, WRITE!) as the injury is to my dominant hand.
no work (and consequently no disposable income), no zumba, no xmas baking, nothing....
so there isn't anything to take my mind off of my worries

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