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4/14/13 9:08 P

Excellent! Learning the truth of things, and not feeling *guilty* about that truth, is half the battle! Knowing is what you need; you don't have to stick to "one serving", you just need to know what one serving is so you can track it properly!

STick to one serving of steak? As if. That's barely enough to get a taste. ;)

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4/14/13 8:59 P

It can be eye-opening when you realize what an actual serving size is. The important thing is that you're learning and next time you'll know to keep a closer eye on your portion size.

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4/14/13 8:16 P

well, i am learning about how much things count for while tracking. that the amount of bread that we usually eat (and this is a small loaf) is 4 servings. my steak serving was twice a serving, too. and the butter... well, i know i can be excessive on that. the veggies, i know what the serving size is there.

it was all absolutely delicious, and i do not feel one bit guilty. sometimes it's about enjoying every bite. savoring. which i did.

but, no, no guilt. i am learning and perhaps next time, i will have less of each thing (except the veggies.) i consider that progress.

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