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3/28/13 8:17 P

You are correct in the fact that these type shakes, like all meal replacement shakes (slimfast, ensure, boost, glucerna, HMR, medifast, etc, etc)....this is just a way to cut calorie intake for the day. There is research to support the use of meal replacments for weight loss.

And this research also shows that one "must" learn how to control their environment once they return to more traditional foods---or the weight will be regained; and there is also research that supports the use of some meal replacements for the rest of one's life for weight management.

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3/28/13 8:17 P

I used to by the premade lean shakes for the occasional breakfast/lunch on the run.

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3/28/13 4:28 P

Personally I make my own smoothie and juices. i don't buy anything from GNC anymore. I was very mislead on one of the products and refuse to buy from them.

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3/28/13 3:10 P

I hope that one isn't thinking to drink the shakes for life,but for me it would be a good jump start so ur body can adjust to the new food intake....Im just saying,we all know to be realistic

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3/28/13 2:09 P

"First off I just started the shakes but I have read other post where people had said after a week or so the shake didn't work."

Nothing will work for a week. Our bodies don't work like that. Shakes are just a means to an end, and provide no benefit eating regular whole foods don't, other than convenience.

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3/28/13 1:42 P

Hello everyone Im new here.....First off I just started the shakes but I have read other post where people had said after a week or so the shake didn't work.ok this is how I feel about that,if you drink 1or 2 shakes a day& add two healthy snacks and eat a well balanced dinner you will loss weight cause your body don't have any choice simple math you have to burn more than u eat....Good luck everyone.....

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